Nanny State ?

One of the most noteworthy causes of road trauma and death in Australia is drink driving. The Government gives their full support to implement laws, policies, rules and regulations to create a wholesome state in Australia to stop crimes, accidents and chaos. Is it reasonable then to complain about the Legal Blood Concentration 0. 05 set by the Government in Australia to stop the Road Trauma and Death? Imagine without the implemented limits, people will take their freedom for granted and may lead to risk their very lives.

Therefore, having a limit in drink driving is not a restriction by the State Government but a protection. Throughout the years, alcohol became a source of people’s relaxation and enjoyment; however, it became a significant risk factor in collisions on roads which causes a lot of pain within families, friends and relatives who have experienced loss. According to the Government of South Australia, “89% Male Drivers, 33% Males and Females aged 20-29 years old and 69% on Rurals were killed during 2007-2011, who were over the legal limit of 0.

05”. This implies the fact that people who do not follow the government set limits are the ones who are in great potential of risking their lives. In comparison, suppose a mother told her child not to cross the road, but then the child did so and eventually lost life. Is the mother the one to blame? No. Clearly, The Government anticipated the incoming danger before we walk into it, so, it is UP TO US, to follow the government if we want to be protected or follow our undirected step and be at risk.

Comparing Australia to other countries, we are fortunate to have the protection we needed to preserve our lives. In South-East Asia, specifically in the Philippines for instance, there is no set limit on drink driving. Is it a good thing? The answer is obvious. Over the years, the increase of death rate in the Philippines is pumping up, enormous pain from unfortunate parents to see their sons or daughters suffers from the grave of death are inimitable. Really, we have all the support we need from our Government! Other countries don’t even have the Government we have!

A loving Nanny who interferes and warns people of an incoming danger, like a loving mother who tells her sons or daughters to do the right thing. Why, then, other people think the Government is having TOO MUCH control of us? That THEY set out TOO MUCH restriction? People’s imperfect judgement always takes over. People keeps on looking at the Government’s glitch, people should learn somehow to look at the positive side of the story, the optimistic side why the Government do this and that, and not to look on the negative side, thinking that the Government restrictions are burdensome.

Why then the government set this rules for us? Well, According to Peter Lewis and Jackie Woods a director of media communication, shows in their set out statistic the high percentage of the State Government motive implying that they are setting these rules to protect us, our health, safety, right and freedom, and Nothing else. One aspect why the State Government is often called a ‘Nanny’ because other people think the Nanny is taking our freedom away. Is that reasonable?

According to Michael Smith, a member of Green (Living) review, a kind of journal that is aimed about environmental and sustainable living that “Life without boundaries will lead us to anarchy, not freedom” This quote implies the fact that if we all live our lives without boundaries, our actions would impact severely on one another and no one, in turn, would have any freedom and a decent life. Going back to the State Government we have, the rules, the laws, the policies are there to protect us from leading to anarchy, protecting us from chaos, protecting us from death!

The Legal Blood Concentration policy is one of the billion rules our State Government implemented to preserve our life. Instead of complaining about it, why won’t we appreciate it instead, and follow? Why is it reasonable to follow the Government? According to Lewis and Woods which quotes “At the end of the day, most of us quite like the idea of a nanny – someone to anticipate danger and intervene if we are walking into it. ” Implying that the Government is there first hand to pat our backs when we are about to fall asleep into risks. The government can play a beneficial role in preventing individuals from making poor choices.

We are not capable of doing the right thing without help! Indeed “we can do anything we want but not everything”. In conclusion, without the limits of legal blood concentration of 0. 05 by the State Government, we would expect a high rate of Road Chase, Road Trauma, Road Accidents, Hospital, Pain, Tears, Loss, Death and Grave. Our Nanny State gave us too much help we needed; it’s up to us to either accept that help from our Nanny to be PROTECTED or accept the misconception of our judgement and walk on our own and risk our life. I’d say safety first.