Music Contract

This contract, entered into on the ____ of _________, 2012, is for the professional recording of ‘Projects’ represented by Samantha (client) for the recording session described below. The undersigned employer (S. N. E. ) and the undersigned client agree on the contract as follows: Client agrees to be personally and individually liable for the terms of this contract. S. N. E hereby engages and employs musicians for exclusive personal services, providing them with a wide range of recording equipment and instruments to endeavour in connection with the production of sound recordings.

Musician(s) agree to perform to the best of their ability at rehearsals and at recording sessions conducted by S. N. E. Musician(s) and also agree to record and re-record each selection until a commercially satisfactory master result ends in S. N. E’s final decision. S. N. E will provide professional multi-track recordings to scheduled dates and times. Once recorded, tracks will be mixed and mastered in Logic Pro 9 to commercial standards. S. N. E will distribute X copies of the final product to the client. If the client requires the original recordings, please sign on the line below.

Original Recording: ………………………………………………. Date: ………………………………………………. Payment Payments must be made within 21 days of the client receiving the invoice. If the client fails to pay the agreed balance within the time frame then S. N. E may take legal action against the client. Session charges are based on an hourly rate. If the session runs over to the next hour due to the client’s organisation then an additional hour will be charged to the client. Payments must be made either via cash, credit or debit card. Cheques will not be accepted. S. N.

E holds the rights to the recorded content until the entire balance of payment has been paid. Client Responsibilities • Client and named musicians must arrive at the agreed time stated on the invoice. Failure to do so may result in extra charges incurred. • Full co-operation is required at all times whilst on site. • Client must pay for any self-inflicted damage made to the equipment or facilities at S. N. E. • All payments from the client must be made through S. N. E. • No smoking, eating or drinking in the studios, vocal booth, glass house or live rooms.

If found doing so you may be asked to leave the session without refund. Fixed fines of ? 20 may also be issued. • All damages as a result of misuse, negligence will be charged to the client. S. N. E. Responsibilities S. N. E to adhere by the following terms: • All facilities must be ready as soon as the session commences, if S. N. E. is late or disorganised during the session then the musician(s) may be reimbursed with extra recording time depending on circumstances. • Must co-operate with the client and take into consideration the needs of the client in the studio. • Must provide working equipment.

• Maintain a safe and pleasant environment for the client. • Ensure security and privacy for the client during the session. • Ensure safety of recorded media at all times, however S. N. E is not liable for losses due Force Majeure. Cancellation • Greater than 28 days from the session date; No free payable. • Between 21-28 days from the session date; 20% of the full fee. • Between 14-20 days from the session date; 40% of the full fee. • Between 8-13 days from the session date; 70% of the full fee. • Between 1-7 days from the session date; the full fee will be payable.

Termination If the client fails to abide by the terms and conditions of this contract then S. N. E. has the right to terminate the session at any moment leading up to or during the allocated session. The associated charges for the duration in force will remain. Loss or Damage S. N. E. must secure all recorded media from all formats used in the session, including: individual track recordings, DAW files, CD’s and master recordings. The studio will not be liable for any of the media recorded. S. N. E holds no responsibility for loss or damage for any clients equipment.

The client is responsible for their own equipment at all times, this includes before, during and after the session. If the recorded media is lost or damaged by S. N. E, then S. N. E. will pay back in full the amount of money paid by the client to the date of loss or damage. This payment does not cover the use of hire equipment and only covers cost of the session. Once the final product is delivered then the client holds full rights to the files. Contrary to this, S. N. E would like to reserve the right to use the files for only academic purposes. Copyright is still protected with no financial gain. Governing Law.

This agreement shall be governed by and constructed in accordance with the laws of the United Kingdom. Any legal actions, claims or demands shall be handled in a court of law and jurisdiction within the United Kingdom. ———————– See No Equal Sunil Gill @BMETC Studios Location: • Matthew Boulton College, Jennens Road Birmingham B4 7P3. Date/s :Recording session • 12/11/2012 • 19/11/2012 Time of Performance: • 17:30hrs Number of Musicians: • 5 Name Of Musicians: • Tom Wilson • Axel Grassi-Haven • Oliver Foxall • Conor Molloy • Harry Weston-Cottrell S. N. E. Signature Print Name Date Client Signature Print Name Date.