Mr. Frankenstein Is a Victim Himself

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, Today we have a tricky subject to contend with. Mr. Frankenstein is being falsely accused by the creature. Mr. Frankenstein is a man that has tried to make scientific advancements. The Creature wants to sue our Client for negligence, liability, and emotional distress. Processes like these happen every day of our lives and now Mr. Frankenstein suffers from such pretenses as causing the Plaintiff emotional and physical distress. Mr. Creature’s, reasoning for his emotional distress is that he realizes what he looks like.

Does he attempt to change the mind of the people that see him as a monster? No. Instead, he blames Mr. Frankenstein. Furthermore, Mr. Creature left Victor’s apartment with his decisions. Mr. Frankenstein did not force the creature to leave his apartment, so why is Mr. Frankenstein responsible for Mr. Creatures own decision. Mr. Frankenstein is human and no human is perfect. The Creature has committed more serious crimes than Mr. Creature. He committed Five murders for revenge. He wanted revenge on the person that created him. My client did nothing wrong, the only thing he did he give the creature the gift of life. We believe that he should be celebrated for his scientific advancement.

The Man of Scientific advancement is being sued by his creation, who is accusing Mr. Frankenstein of crimes that he did not commit. He was already tearing Mr. Frankenstein by killing his family and now he is trying to destroy him by suing my client. We hope you see who the victim is in this Court. My client has been the victim of Emotional distress which has been caused by the creature because the creature has killed my clients entire Family. Thank you. My Client Victor Frankenstein should not be accountable for these charges. We have shown the court that the creature left Victor’s Apartment on his accord. After leaving, the creature left, he didn’t even return.

So how can Victor teach his creation the needed information it needed? He couldn’t, because the creature decided to his thing, fail, and then blame it all on my client Mr. Frankenstein. We have proven today that my client can make his decisions, and he can think for himself, so why would Mr. Frankenstein be responsible for the actions of the creature? In Life, a Parent is not responsible for their child killing someone. We hope that you see with this that our client is innocent. Your honor, ladies, and gentlemen of the jury, we encourage you to see who the true victim is in this courtroom. Mr. Frankenstein is not guilty of the ridiculous accusations.

My Client, Mr. Frankenstein is a Victim himself. The Creature deliberately killed My client’s family members in an attempt of revenge. We believe that the Creature feels no regret of the crimes that he has committed. The Creature has shown to the court that he knows from right and wrong, and he knows how to make decisions by himself. He knew exactly what he was doing. Should Mr. Frankenstein not is suing the creature for the emotional distress which he has caused for killing his family? The Creature was the one who left Victor’s apartment by himself. Mr. Creature chose to kill Mr. Frankenstein family and take away everything from him. There are many killings in the world today, but are their parents to be punished for their crimes? No. How can Mr. Frankenstein be charged with neglect when the creature left before he could teach him anything, the creature could have returned, but he didn’t, instead, he decided to kill Mr. Frankenstein’s Family. Jury Members, I hope that you see that Mr. Frankenstein is innocent of all of these crimes.