Modern American Politics

The term liberty refers to the condition of being free from control or restrictions. Liberalism refers to an extensive class of political philosophies that give individual liberty a priority when it comes to deciding on political goals. It is actually a political ideology that works mainly to increase the freedom of individuals (Lapham 28). Political liberalism is referred to as the belief that individuals/an indivindual form the basis of the law and the society and that the societal institutions are in existence to benefit all individuals without favoritism and especially to those of higher social rank.

Modern liberalism originated from the age of enlightenment. Liberalism turned down many foundational assumptions that were the major of the early theories of government, for instance the theories that advocated for the divine rights of kings, economic protectionism, hereditary status and established religion. Conservatives on the other hand is a political and a social term with different meanings depending on different countries and different time periods in which it is used.

Conservatism refers to a political coalition between two different groups from which one of the two groups favors small government and free enterprise while the other group favors laws that reflect their values and religious beliefs. The values that are usually protected by this conservative team are same sex marriage, abortion, and illegal immigration. Conservatives is usually opposed by liberals. Most conservatives however give strong support to sovereign nation but categorize with their own nation patriotically.

The two movements that is, the conservatism and the liberalism are usually referred to as the right wing and left wing respectively. Whereby the left wing is represented by the liberals who mainly involve the intervention of the government in economic related issues but not in social related issues. The right wing on the other hand is represented by the conservatives who are specifically for minimum government intervention both economically and for social traditional positions.

In identifying the differences between liberals and conservatives in the modern American politics the main focus is placed on both the fiscal and the social differences. This involves the analysis of individual rights and freedom and how they are represented and also issues relating to economy. Liberals in the modern American politics put more emphasis on the rights of individuals and equality in providing opportunities. Liberals generally come up with very different policies; nevertheless they are united within themselves by the support that they provide for a number of principles.

Liberals in the modern American politics also advocate for freedom of speech, freedom of thought, regulation of the power of the government, limitations on the rule of law, the right of an individual to have his or her private property protected, free markets for all citizens as they believed that through free markets the economic systems become more efficient and generate more prosperity and transparent system of government. These actually form the principles whose support unites the liberals.