Misunderstanding the Implications of Change in the U.S Army

Any organization is important in ensuring that a society functions well. Organizations are designed and work differently whereby they are mainly characterized by need for change and various forces strengthening their stability. U. S Army is an organization which like all the others must undergo some changes which affects this organization’s performance. The U. S Army must as well balance these forces with the great pressure for change. The changes may bring implications which in turn affects will affect the running of the Army activities (Cynthia, 2007). Summary of findings

New technology: Due to the new and rapid technological advancement, the army must face a change in terms of its weapons and its methods of communication. This is because more superior and complex weapons and communication gadgets have been invented compared to the ones they are used to (Theo and Terry, 2002). New and various missions: Since the U. S Army is mainly involved in many peace keeping missions globally, it should be prepared to face the change of its schedule due to the many criminal activities like terrorism that have increased globally. (Theo and Terry, 2002)

Constraints in budgeting: the army must be ready to face the changes in its finances due to poor management by the chief militants or due to the financial crisis that is affecting U. S and the world in general. This means that there might be inefficient Army officers or their equipments of use (Cynthia, 2007). Conclusion In general, for the U. S Army to be successful in its activities, it must as well accomplish the organizational theory, which states that due to vast societal and technological change, organizations should enhance their compatibility with the environment.

This is because it must face economic, external, political and social situations that must affect its actions. All the implications due to the change should be reformatted to ensure good or better performance of the Army. References Cynthia, C. (et Al), (2007), “What the Army Needs to Know to Align Its Operational and Institutional Activities” Rand Corporation. Theo, F. and Terry, T. (2002), “The Sources of Military Change: Culture, Politics, Technology” Lynne Rienner Publishers