Mission statement for my mock Police Department

United States Drug control Police Agency (USDPA) is a national police agency with an objective of regulating drug control operations by controlling all the factors responsible for the spread of harmful drugs directly or indirectly. It strives hard for the benefit of the different sections of American society like youth, children, women and elderly groups. Though its Head quarters is situated in Washington, its operations are carried out through out the nation by its various branches. What are the basic social & political needs we exist to meet or need to address?

The USDPA is committed for ensuring the social justice to all the sections of the people by controlling the spread of harmful drugs in the society (Social need). It is also instrumental in addressing the political need of guaranteeing fair governance that leads to peaceful and coherent life at family and society levels by enforcing the drug control laws rigidly (Political need). It is ensured by the wings of Threat detection, Containment and Emergency, Criminal investigation team etc. In general, what do we (USDPA) do to recognize, anticipate, and respond to these needs?

The USDPA is committed for the identification of all types of evil elements that damage the social justice of the general public or citizens of USA and hence takes the control of these evil forces and investigating on the same for confirming their role before punishing them. It also plays vital role in regulating the agencies or functionaries that fight spread of harmful drugs regularly and takes the feed back from them and then contributes for the political freedom of the American society by ensuring drug free society. How should we(USDPA) respond to our key stakeholders?

The USDPA responds promptly to all the stakeholders like citizens, council, union, media and other investigating agencies. It responds to the complaints made by the citizens related to drug related problems regularly. It also takes care of the feed back generated by the public representatives in the People’s council or congress who deliberate on various contemporary issues related to drug control in the society. It also responds well to the representatives of diversified sections of the American people who may be well representing the cause of the poor and the oppressed suffering from drug trafficking.

The carrier of the messages of USDPA is undoubtedly media only. Hence it conveys the genuine messages about its activities to the sections of media (electronic and news paper) which in turn would communicate effectively to the general public. It also considers the feed back from the media related to the public response to its actions in relation with drug control exercises. It is not only the USDPA that works in the direction of prevention of harmful drugs. Hence it will coordinate its efforts with all other investigating agencies like United States Capital Police (USCP)1 who strive hard for the control of drug trafficking.

Lastly, it will work sincerely in collaboration with some voluntary organizations that collect and synthesize the useful data related to drug usage in USA. In this way USDPA plays vital role in addressing the needs of the stakeholders in drug control. What are our (USDPA) philosophies, values and culture? USDPA identifies the whole cause of drug usage lies in our value system and social culture. For example, if the children are taken regular and enough care, their interaction with family members will be very less and they tend to get attracted to drug usage.

Hence USDPA strives well for the successful implementation of philosophy of promoting good family life and fair social value system that certainly aids in control of harmful drugs to a remarkable extent. 1: United States Capitol Police (USCP). http://www. uscapitolpolice. gov/. What makes us (USDPA) distinctive and unique? USDPA is unique and distinct from other investigating agencies as it deals the drug control issue in whole hearted and integrated manner and it diesn’t interpret it in an isolated manner. It believes in a principle of inclusion of ideal social value system and strong enforcement of law for control of harmful drugs.

Mission statement for the USDPA. Strive for ideal social and family value system and discourage drug trafficking. As USDPA identifies that the basic cause of drug trafficking lies in the inadequate care and affection to the family members in the society, it strives well for the spread of message for creation of ideal social and family value system along with its regular nature of controlling spread of elements promoting the harmful drugs by enforcing the drug control laws in stringent manner. In this way, its mission statements helps in meeting its objective.