Mis in Your Pocket

1.The case describes many functional and efficient applications such as e-mail and messaging, web browser, telephone, camera, music and/or video player, calendar, contacts from Microsoft Exchange, ChainLinq Mobile, GPS, Google Map, and many others that have been added to the updated iPhone models. These applications have facilitated fluid business transactions. 2.The businesses mentioned in case are Doylestown Hospital, D.W. Morgan (AT&T, Apple Computer, Lockheed Martin, and Chevron), and Aedas Sport.

•For the Doylestown Hospital, it was essential that the physicians remain connected with the hospital staff, colleagues, and patient information; using the iPhone facilitated that goal. The iPhone allowed the physicians to be on call anywhere and everywhere because e-mails, alerts, contacts, and calendars could synced and accessed at any time; as well as the hospital’s MEDITECH electronic medical records system.

Having the iPhone provided the physicians as much access and tools possible to treat patients and to stay informed while away from the hospital. •D.W. Morgan is a supply chain consultant and transportation and logistics service provider whose goal was to improve its clients’ in-process inventory systems by using the JIT (just-in-time) strategy.

To achieve this goal, the D.W. Morgan company “develop a ChainLinq Mobile application for its 30 drivers that updates shipment information, collects signatures, and provides global positioning systems (GPS) locations on each individual box it delivers” (Laudon and Laudon, 2011, p.8). The ChainLinq application, integrated into the iPhone, allowed the drivers to record pickups, status updates, and signatures with date and time stamp; as well as “GPS locations pinpointed on a Google map” (Laudon and Laudon, 2011, p.8).

All the data collected were uploaded onto the company’s server in real-time. Not only did the iPhone help Morgan achieve the goal, it also allowed the company to remain competitive in its market. •Aedas Sport is a designer of multipurpose sports, entertainment, and exhibition facilities; this company used the iPhone to increase productivity by allowing all employees to share and store ideas, communicate, and demonstrate talent and creativity.

The people at Aedas used the easiest application on the iPhone to build a large archive of visual assets without planning or extra effort. 3.If not all, the majority of businesses in the world would benefit enormously if their employees are equipped with digital devices.

As consumers’ demand of instant gratifications increase, companies will have to continuously improve their mobility in order to keep up. 4.D.W. Morgan’s CEO’s statement is absolutely on track; it isn’t only the iPhone, it all the Smartphones today that is changing the industry. The iPhone and other Smartphones provide companies users with accessibility, organization, and structure.