Miracle of Innocence

The criminal justice or organizational team who has been influential and successful in promoting effective leadership is an organization called “Miracle of Innocence”. Their mission is: To seek justice and comprehensive care for the innocent. The organization was founded by an exonerated inmate by the name of Darryl “Miracle Man” Burton. “Miracle of Innocence” is a non-profit organization concentrating on the unlawfully incarceration and exoneree population in the state of Missouri. They provide of range of services for the unjustly imprisoned including retrial through exoneration and re-entry into a constructive, affiliated, accomplished life.

The “Miracle of Innocence” organization is based on 4 pillars which are the factors that contribute to its effectiveness that include retrial (freeing the innocent), exoneree comprehensive care, social justice education and advocacy, and hope and forgiveness ministry. Retrial (freeing the innocent) involves performing an assessment of the inmate to see if the details, conviction, and background information associated with their case warrants an acceptance into the program. After the assessment and acceptance process, innocent prisoners are advocated by being supplied with referrals for legal representation.

The assistance with referrals for legal representation include assisting with legal resources for case investigation and development, trial budgets and assets, and appeals and prisoner representation. Exoneree comprehensive care includes the support and assistance of the re-entry of innocent prisoners back into society through referrals and placements for housing, credentials, identification, communication such as phones, emails, and social media, employment opportunities, education and training, life skills and mentorship, support groups, physical and mental health, communication, transportation, clothing, food, and daycare.

The social justice education and advocacy component aims to enlighten communities about the unfairness and necessities of wrongfully imprisoned individuals with the goal of gaining support, resources, and advocacy for their successful discharge and reentry into society through community events and public speaking seminars. The target audiences for the “Miracle of Innocence” organization include other local, national, and international organizations and churches who are willing to collaborate to effectively achieve the mission of their organization.

The leader Darryl Burton also focuses on a joint collaboration with universities in order to develop curriculums that will be used to establish continuing education for criminal justice professionals. Mr. Burton also uses a faith-based ministry to mirror a message of hope and forgiveness that he aims to share globally through his social media accounts, religious engagements, and self-written books. The “Miracle of Innocence” organization recently scheduled a volunteer by the name of Lamont Mcintyre who was also exonerated after serving a 23-year prison for a crime he did not commit to speak with the juveniles I help to supervise at Johnson County Juvenile Detention Center.

I appreciated this kind gesture of Mr. Mcintyre taking the time out of his busy schedule in order to come tell his story abour being falsely accused and spending 23 years in prison, the mission of the “Miracle of Innocence” organization, and to inspire the children to make better choices about their future. He also wrote down his contact information so that the juveniles would be able to contact him as a mentor and supporter. I really admire this organization and leader because they are raising funds and awareness in order to help innocent prisoners to become exonerated as well as assisting them with legal representation, resources, and programs in order to help them successfully reintegrate back into society.