Minister of Defence

As the Prime Minister arrived at the meeting with the Minister of Defence he wondered what the news was that the Minister had been so excited about. There was a police van parked outside with a line of blood dripping out the back of it leading up to the door. He realised it was the blood of a vampire! He was invited to sit down by the Minister's assistant who advised that the Minister would be right out. The line of blood led down the plain hallway to a closed door. The Prime Minister wondered what the room could contain.

The Minister of Defence gave him a shock as he emerged from the very door that he had been staring at. "Please, come in," he exclaimed as he saw the Prime Minister sitting down the hall. The Prime Minister glanced nervously down at the blood leading him to the door where the Minister was standing. As he entered the room he shrank back at the disgusting sight that lay before him. There was a creature covered with blood, which he assumed to be a vampire, struggling against six or seven men trying to pin him to a bed. They eventually succeeded, pegging him down with three steel bars.

The creature had a wound in its right shoulder that had stopped bleeding. The men who had pinned the vampire down now backed away to the edge of the room leaving the Prime Minister and the Minister of Defence to question the monster. "We will not hurt you if you answer our questions. We do not want to hurt you but may have to if you do not help us," The Minister explained. The vampire looked at both of the men standing over him and then answered. "You will never stop us, there are many more of us than you could ever believe," he explained in a hissing voice.

"That is for you to believe," The Minister told him, "We need to find out if there is anything that we can use against them," he whispered so that the vampire could not hear him, "So I have acquired a crucifix, a cup of holy water, blessed by the priest who lives at the end of the road and some garlic. As you well know folklore tells us that they can be harmed by these things. " The two men started testing out their new weapons on the Vampire, who appeared to get weaker with every weapon.

After the crucifix and holy water the vampire had little life left in him if any and after the crucifix he seemed dead. "It looks like myth can be true" commented The Prime Minister, "I assume modern weaponry will work as well? " "Well, we'll have to find out! " replied the Minister of Defence who was then startled as the creature next to him spoke one last time. "You will never be able to stop us now," the vampire hissed, "We have already started the preparations for our final attack to take control of your capital city, London, which will wipe you out!

"The Minister of Defence had prepared every soldier in England and they were all waiting for the vampires in London in flat-bottomed boats on the River Thames. They had prepared a trap for the vampires. If the creatures started swimming across the river then the army had a priest on board to turn the river into holy water which would kill the vampires in their tracks. They had also been equipped with small wooden crucifixes to attach to the end of their guns and had loaded the ship up with garlic. They were ready.

Hearing some commotion, Jake had started walking north along Borough High Street to the River Thames, the sun beating down on the road that he knew would never be as empty and as desolate as this ever again. Everyone must have listened to the Prime Minister for once and stayed at home. As he got to the great river, he was surprised to see a flotilla of army boats bobbing on the surface of the river. The men in the boats were looking the other way at something Jake could not see. He moved along the bank of the Thames to look through a gap between the boats and see what was happening on the other side of the river.

As he looked through, he saw a sight that would make any onlooker scared. There were hundreds of vampires on the other side of the river. They all had blood from their previous victims dripping from their fangs and they had an evil maniacal glint in their eyes. He wanted to go home now but knew that he was too involved to go back. He started throwing garlic over the river. It worked! As it hit the vampires, they were killed but, it had a side effect. The other vampires were seeing the new threat in Jake and were starting to move along the side of the river to London Bridge.

The soldiers on the river were calling out to him to run away but he ignored them. Perhaps the army would kill the evil creatures before they could reach Jake but he feared that they would. They were advancing too quickly for the Army and as they drew near, Jake formulated a plan. He had seen the priest on board one of the boats. This meant that the myth that vampires were afraid of holy water was probably true and the army were planning to get the vampires into the water. All Jake needed to do was to get them in the water and he had worked out how.

He laid down a curved line of garlic from the edge of the river into the middle of the embankment to herd them into a small area. He smashed the cloves open to release the smell that the vampires hated. As they drew closer he stood between the end of the curve and the buildings opposite the river holding his crucifix up. It seemed to work as they were all crowding into a small area by the river. When they were all together, Jake moved the garlic round so that they were trapped in the small area by the river.

They couldn't come away from the river because of the smell of the garlic and they couldn't go into the river for fear of it turning to holy water. He started nudging the garlic further and further in so that they were more and more congested and eventually his plan started working. Some of the vampires were falling off the edge of the embankment and into the river. He kept nudging the garlic in and using the crucifix to ward them off when they got too close too him. There were fewer and fewer of them every minute and the army was making their number decrease even quicker until eventually there was just one left.

Jake threw his crucifix at it and he slowly toppled over the side. They were now all in the water and the Priest was rushed out to bless it and make it holy. It seemed to hurt them greatly and sounds of wailing filled the air. He had done it! He had conquered the vampires almost by himself! Once they were all dead the army looked at him and one of the generals shouted out to him. "You shouldn't have done that kid but all the same we couldn't have finished them off without you. " he told Jake, "Now you get home. "