Minimum Wage – Economics Example

I believe that minimum wage should be raised. One reason is it would not only be better for the worker, but it would also affect the worker’s families in a positive way. If a worker is bringing home more money they will be able to better support their family. They would be able to buy more groceries and necessities that the family would need. Another reason we should raise minimum wage is it would be good for the economy. If a worker were to bring home more money they would be able to spend more money.

They would not only spend it on the necessities but if they had more disposable income they would spend more money on recreational things, such as movies or going shopping. That would help local stores, thus putting more money into the community. Another reason that minimum wage should be raised is it would help people get out of debt. As I have stated previously in this paper if they are making more money they will be able to get out of debt faster. Another reason to raise minimum wage is that it would help protect employees against abusive bosses.

If they were to be paid more they would earn more respect and be treated better. Which would also be better for the business as a whole. If your employees were happy then they would work better and faster thus producing better results. These are just a few of the reasons why they should raise minimum wage.