The minimum wage

The minimum wage is a big problem in the U. S. “Assembly Votes to Increase California’s Hourly Minimum wage to $9. 25” report how our state’s minimum wage would raise over the next few years: “Under AB 10, the hourly minimum wage would increase to $8. 25 in 2014, $8. 75 in 2015 and $9. 25 in 2016” (Gutierrez A4). The president of Obama also supports this vote. He said: “It is time to raise the American people’s wage. ” But there many people disagree this suggest. People believe if government raises the minimum wage that people could earn more money.

According to the article “The Case for a Higher Minimum Wage,” “An estimated 27. 8 million people would earn more money under the Democratic proposal to lift the hourly minimum from $7. 25 today to $10. 10 by 2016. And most of them do not fit the low-wage stereotype of a teenager with a summer job. ” Today, everything of the price is rising, no matter car, house, food and gas. If the minimum wage didn’t rise, there will lots of people lose their families, and then people can’t keep their most basic life.

Many people do the job of minimum wage, even some people need to work pick up a few jobs at the same time that maintain the economy with the family. In addition, raising the minimum wage can relax between employers and low-wage workers that can push wages down to poverty levels. It also can reduce the cost of the government to low-income families. On the other side, lots of people disagree that raise the minimum wage. As reported in Sacramento Bee, “Assemblyman Donald Wagner, R-Irvine, said “the bill drivers up labor costs to the detriment of business owners. That combination can hurt job creation in the state.

” It let us know, no employer no workers. Raise the minimum wage couldn’t keep low-wage workers’ job and life, it will hurt them. They will lost their job and hard to find jobs. Raising the minimum wage will make the business of low margin are difficult to operate. Their will cut the worker and the keep a few people to work for long time. It doesn’t have any help for the low-wage workers. There are will have lots of people don’t have job. Less and less people will establish their own business; there will less and less job creation for the workers. So raising the minimum wage is the wrong way to go.

In my opinion, I don’t agree raising the minimum wage. No the hens how to produce eggs. If the employer can’t have income, they can’t pay the wage to the workers. Many low margin companies choose to lay off the employees or close down. Besides catering industry and service industry there will appear a large number of unemployment, and appear a series of social problems such as illegal workers. The government will be a lot of financial problems in the future. Raising the minimum wage is necessary when the gap between rich and poor is too big that lead the poor people to survive.

But the minimum wage increase too high may cause harm. The minimum wage set too low will damage the interests of the workers; set too high will also damage the interests of the workers. Because the minimum wage to high result in some companies is difficult to operate, like the fast food industry and service industry; the minimum wage to low will make employees can’t guarantee their basic life. So the government must carefully solve about the minimum wage problem. I hope government to serve the people, not for themselves.