Military vs Civilian Life

Have you ever sat a thought to your self “If I joined the military would my life be different? ” Now when people think of the military they think of going to war and getting yelled at, but there are so many differences between military life and civilian. Most people sometimes believe that military life and civilian life are the same. Now there are a lot of differences their occupational life, living expense and some the freedoms they have. Occupational life is an example of differences between military and civilian life.

In civilian life, you have the choice to work different shifts, day or night, and when your scheduled hours are over, you are able to go home. In Military you are a 24-hour employee, as a soldier—meaning that you are continuously on-call and do not have the option to “call-off. ” In civilian occupational life, you also have the ability to choose what job you would like to have. You have Option to choose whether you want to be a doctor or even a janitor; whereas, in the military, you do not have the option to choose, your job is chosen by an assessment, which may limit the career choices available.

Job security in the military is an advantage, however because people in the military never have to worry about “down-sizing” or lay-offs. Job security as a civilian you do not know if you will have a job tomorrow. Your job, as a civilian, is based on the growth of the company and the state of the economy. Freedom is another difference between military life and civilian life. Spending time with your family is very important as a soldier and as a civilian. The freedom of being a civilian is having the choice of going home and spending time with your children and loved ones.

As a soldier, that option does not readily exist because deployments and missions take you away from your family. A civilian also has the choice to choose where they would like to reside. Now as a soldier that’s not an option, you have to go where the military wants you to go. The freedom of being a civilian is always being able to choose what to wear, so if as a civilian you want to dress up or dress down you always have that option. Military life you don’t have that freedom. Soldiers are giving and even told when to wear their uniforms.

Living expenses are another example of the differences between military and civilian life. Housing expenses is something civilians continue to worry about. Civilians have to worry about making mortgage or rent payments. Military members don’t have that worry; they are giving extra money to pay their rent and mortgage. Another living expense is food. Military member get three meals a day for free and if you have a family you receive money to feed your family, so as a soldier your food is paid for. Civilians don’t have that luxury; civilians have to pay for their food.

Healthcare expenses for military members are free. The military makes sure you have the medicine you need. Now for civilians Healthcare is a big issue 15% of Americans don’t have healthcare. Now In some cases for civilians healthcare benefits are free; but that is base on if your job offers it. One other big difference is education. Education benefits for military members is free they have to worry about getting grant, scholarships or students loan. Military member receive the GI bill which pays for tuition and books.

So as for a military member it just when and what school to go to. For civilians it’s kind of different. Civilians have to worry about how they are going to pay for college; they have to apply for grant, Student loan and scholarships. So in conclusion, most people do think military life and civilian life are the same. But as you have seen there are many differences between the two. So if you have ever thought to your self “What if I joined the military? ” Would my life be different? ” You can say yes because your life will be very different from what it us to be.