Military Technology

Military technology is defined as the collection of vehicles, equipment, structures, and communications that are used for warfare. Warfare has always pushed back technologies boundaries, from the first tanks to stealth bombers like the B2. Advancements in military technology keeps the military “on the top of their game”. Most countries use military technology to gain power,wealth, and land, as well as, protect their people along with protecting the power, wealth and land that they have.

Military technology was seen to become more sophisticated in the cold war where in technology for military use has greatly increased because of the fear of the Soviet Union’s power. This fear had affected our citizens, whom urged our government onward to the development of new modern weapons ever since that time. This new technology included a large array of items from communication to weapons of mass destruction (nuclear, chemical and biological weapons). This new technology is an important part of modern day warfare.

With our tax dollars, the military has put forth vital efforts in technology that goes beyond military use and are the source of the current technology in our ordinary lives today. For instance, did you know that it was military technology advancements that helped created the World Wide Web! The new advancements in military technology, have protected the United States citizens as well as millions of people all over the world. Many countries are relying on the US Government for their protection. War is no laughing matter and in order to be on alert and ready to protect people on any given notice, such advancements in technology are necessary.

Today we have countries with leaders that are threatening the lives of their citizens, along with the welfare of countries surrounding them. These leaders have access to weapons of mass destruction. Unfortunately some of these weapons in their hands are results from our military’s technology. However, whether or not it was our government’s technology that created such weapons, it is our technology that needs to keep eyes on these leaders and also use weapons to prevent such a tragedy to happen.

There will always be a growing need for new military technology. Most people don’t understand the significance of advancements in military technology and many believe that it is only used in combat. This is not so, there is so much more to this technology than fighting. For instance, this technology is used for rebuilding. After war there is clean up. Looking at the destruction that occurred in WWII, one can see the need for advancements to speed up the process of rebuilding fallen countries quickly.

We just simply need to look at our impact in Japan after WWII and see what such advancements in technology can do for the infrastructure and well being of that country and many others. If we do look at what the technology has done for society and warfare we can understand the need for an ever increasing need for it. Military technology may be divided into five categories: (1) Offensive Arms – harm the enemy; (2) Defensive weapons – ward off offensive attacks; (3) Transportation – moves soldiers and weaponry; (4) Communications – coordinate the movements of armed forces; and (5) Sensors – detect forces and guide weaponry.

(1) Offensive Arms. Lets look at current technology in the military offensive arms. As the technology of warfare had developed, the means of defending against ever-changing weaponry have alter dramatically. Our military needs to stand out in this category. Why? Would you want to be in war, or in the least, on the bad side with a military that has the latest advancements in weaponry? Heck no! In order for our country to ward off psychopathic leaders we need to show our technology, or the majority of it off. The media and the internet does a great job at this.

Looking alone at the three tanks our military technology has rolled out: M1A2 Arams Tank, Zumwalt Destroyer, and the PL-01 Stealth Tank, is mindblowing! The use of Adaptiv Stealth Technology is being developed for other military vehicles as well. Stealth in aircraft design will minimize the ways in which aircraft can be detected by ground or airborne air defense systems. Even small things that you would not see change to, are becoming advanceds. Looking at the modern bullet or the ploy case ammo, one can see that every object is scrutinized for improvement.

The rifles being introduced to our soldiers are top of the line. Ones like the modern day assault rifle – AK47 and the trackpoint Ar-15 are only a few of update and improvements in personnel weapons. One of the latest weapon in development is an electromagnetic railgun launcher. It uses a form of electromagnetic energy known as the Lorentz force to hurl a 23- pound projectile at speeds exceeding Mach 7! When it comes to offensive weaponry the military will always be on the cutting edge of technology. (2) Defensive Weapons. Weapons use for protection our military personnel and civilians is a priority to our government.

Although offensive weapons such as tanks, planes, carriers, etc. all have offensive technology within it, lets look at personal protection. Initially, the military worked on ways to protect the soldiers in combat. They needed protection that was durable, lightweight and useful in protecting a life. If we accepted the armor the knights wore and never grew on that technology for body armor, imagine our soldiers clumsily piling in a tank or doing maneuvers with that heavy piece of metal slowing them down! Now look at what we have today in body armor.

The invention of Kevlar keeps our soldiers mobile and protected. Kevlar does not stop at body armor but is used in shelters, gas tanks and other vulnerable items. However, the technology does not stop there. The creation of a product known as liquid armor is the latest in armor protection in development right now. (3) Transportation. Getting our military personnel to their destination quickly and safely is a concern always looked at by our military. Although, we have military personnel all over the world, once a threat is made, they need to move rapidly and safely.

After all, the enemy has already scouted the area and has the upper hand at the location. They will be looking for miliary to move in and don’t doubt for a moment they won’t be ready. One of the latest advancements is called The Mule, a computerized control transport vehicle that military personnel can load their equipment on, and know that it will get their equipment to their destination without a hitch over rough terrain. (4) Communications. Communications is vital to any operation and that goes double for warfare.

Back in WWII, the US went so far as to use the primarily unknown native tongue of an American Indian tribe to communicate information. As a result it kept the Axis Powers lost in translation. The interception of communication can not be allowed, so the most up to date technology needs to be pressed forward. With the use of computers, hacking has opened up a door of vulnerability. Computer techs are aware of this danger and every new technology developed in their field is tested over and over and new hacking protection is a constant endeavor.

Even old school Morse Code is getting a high tech twist to it. Using it over cell phones and as text messages surpasses QWERTY keyboard speed thanks to an iambic keyer. Future communications may include the use telepathy, halogens and a new internet. (5) Sensors. Sensors are used to detect forces and guide weaponry. Remember the job of a scout? They would move ahead of the army to spy on the opposition ahead and relay it back. Putting human lives at risk to head off to the unknown is being curtailed today by modern day scouts. We call them Drones.

Unmanned and fairly undetected these weapons fly below radar quietly scanning and relay information instantaneously to our forces. Then there is the surveillance blimp that can see airborne 340 miles away! And lets not forget the satellites that can zoom in on your own back yard. There is also infrared technology that can see below the Earth’s surface in search of tunnels and underground posts. In order for our military to prevail and be the strong power to stand up against impending dangers of misconduct among other nations the ever developing technology. The importance of military technology is for the.