Military Paper English Final

As we speak there are thousands of men and women fighting and dying for this great nation to stay free and what do they receive? In return they get a lousy pay check from the government for almost no money and terrible benefits. They deserve a greater income and improved benefits. This great nation needs to cough up ample amount of money to these men and women. If you were out on those front lines fighting wouldn’t you want to know that if something were to happen you would be finically secure?

There needs be money set aside for these men and women when they return, also there needs to be proper benefits set according to each individual. First things first, our military is served by many brave man and women every day and they are not getting what they deserve. They have the same rights as any one of us they just chose to give the right to live safely to help protect us and we need to help them in their time of need. They need us to make a difference not only for them but for the future generations of our military, because they have gained the respect from each and every one of us because they are willing to die help make sure we can sleep safely at night and that should be enough for us to fight for them here in the states.

Our government is doing a terrible job at keeping our men and women protected during and after their times of duty, so we as people of this great nation need to fight for their rights they fight for us every day. Mahnken 2 The military in the United States is the best fighting force in the world. But one thing that isn’t great about it is the amount of money one earns during duty. According to a salary website the average active duty solider makes $16,246 per year. (E1). That is an absolutely ridiculous low number. These men and women are giving up their lives to save ours and all we can do is give them that much money?

They deserve a definite increase in pay. How are they supposed to survive on that much money? Can you as an average American citizen survive on that much money a year? Well according to Erin Burt a writer states that, an average American would need $25,356 per year and these men and women are getting $16,246? (Erin Burt). They wouldn’t be able to survive. So how should citizens expect these men and women to give up their lives for freedom when they won’t even be able to survive a single year according to these statistics?

It is impossible. It would be as if your job was in front of people shooting at you and then your boss said oh by the way you are only making half of your paycheck for the rest of the year you wouldn’t do it then. Another reason why their pay should be increased is the amount of hours they put into their job is at a greater number than the amount of money they are actually paid. They work 168 hours a week and if they were paid minimum wage they would make $1,260 per week, yet they don’t see a dime even close to that on their pay check. (Minimum). These men and women are serving they don’t receive overtime, they work all day every day and yet citizens can’t even pay them the minimum wage for dying for our nation?

How is that even legal? They are being shot at and bombs planted under them, yet they can’t make enough money to help their families? Living in such a nation, citizens should take a stand for these men and women to help get them the money they deserve for working as many hours as they do. Cause if don’t do anything then our great nation could fall because men and women won’t serve for military forces. Mahnken 3 While these men and women are fighting and dying for us outside and inside our nation we have professional athletes making millions of dollars each day. What is up with that?

These athletes are making more money than these soldiers will see in their life time, and to do what? Entertain us as we are lazy? That is ludicrous! The athletes are not dying for freedom like our military, they are running around playing sports that are on TV and in movies and yet they make more money than a man or woman in the military? These men and women can’t even survive and yet these athletes have so much money they don’t even know what to do with it half the time they blow it on useless materialistic items that they will use once then throw away.

According to a statistic the lowest paid average professional athlete makes 0. 162 million a year. (Professional). When these soldiers are busting day in and day out to help protect this great nation and they can’t supply enough money to take care of their family back home in the states. Do you think they really need all that money? There are thousands of soldiers that would love just a little bit extra in their pay check. Then we have the benefits for our military. They are getting served the short end of the stick every single time.

They go over to fight then they get hurt, so they come home to an empty pay check no money to help them get back on their feet and many medical bills they have to pay because of their injuries. Now that is not fair to anyone. They are giving up their lives for our nation and we can’t even make a bill to enforce a tax increase to start a fund for the millions of people injured by being in the military so that when they come home they have money waiting to help them get back on their feet. Just by enforcing that we could make a huge difference in the trust of soldiers could have in our nation. Also by making funds aside for soldiers we could help those whose families need help surviving.

Many soldiers are getting the cold shoulder from the Mahnken 4 government and not receiving money they need so by making these funds we could many families that need our help. That is only part of the awful benefits they receive from our “great” government. They also are not getting any help from our government towards their lives after the military. These men and women serve for our country then get done with their duty and are kicked to the curb with no recognition rather sometimes a hindrance in the work place.

Only a few places of work are good places for someone who has been in the military. Some places won’t even hire veterns because maybe they don’t believe in the wars that they fought or they just believe that a former military employee could make the profit of business go down. There needs to be some sort of policy for these people for when they are finished with their duty they are set up with an organization who can help them get jobs in fields they specialized in during their years of service in the military, so they can get their civilian life started.

Once they can get their life start after the military the better our economy can get. Another side effect of why the military needs more money and better benefits is because there are many people who come home from the military PTSD, which is post-traumatic stress disorder. (Post-Traumatic). Meaning these men and women come home for good and are haunted everyway by what they saw or experienced during their time in the service. We as Americans need help these men and women after they come home. If they have PTSD help them find help to get rid of it or minimize it. We don’t have anyone helping the cause of people with disorder.

We need money aside for these victims so they can get professional help. They already did their time for our country they do not deserve to be haunted by it every day of their lives. There is also they opposing side to this argument. Which starts with no one in our military today is forced to join at any point in time unless they choose to. Each member of each Mahnken 5 branch joins the military knowing of what they are getting themselves into. Yes, we have the draft but as we speak no one is getting drafted into the military so why does it matter what people think? They are doing this to themselves by joining the military.

Each person of this nation has a choice to join or not and if you do then you know what could happen in any situation, but you could also choice to not join the military the choice is up to you. So by choosing to join the military you know off the bat that you are giving up your life to your country, because at any point of time during battle you could die and you know that. You could also get your arm or legs blown off by enemy hidden IED’s which you know about when you take your oath.

The military is a choice that is given to anyone and if you choose to join you may pay consequences but at the same time you could receive great glory. Another view is that if the choice is yours to join the military then why are there so many angry people believing they are getting screwed by the amount of money they make. If that person would have don’t their research properly then they could have learned that you are not going to make a lot of money by joining the military, you will make some sort of money because it is a job but you won’t make millions. So if they know this then they shouldn’t be able to complain about not making enough money because they were warned at the metaphorical door.

On to the topic about the professional athletes compared to our military. Yes the athletes are not actually dying in battle but they are fighting for something more than themselves there are proving to the world why they are great. Also the military might put in 168 hours a week but those athletes work at least 100 a week because it is a job it’s a lifestyle they chose just like the people who choice to join the military. Now these athletes do spend all of their money on most of the time unneeded things but if you had as much money as a professional athlete wouldn’t you spend it pretty crazy like also?

This is why we cannot compare the salaries of a man or woman in Mahnken 6 the military to a man or women that plays a professional sport the two are complete polar opposites. It isn’t even a fair argument. But they do work close to the same amount of hours so in that aspect the argument is valid. Now to get to benefits. Yes these men and women need money but how do expect people of this nation to pay more on their taxes to help others when many people in the states can’t even afford to live. According to a statistic there are about 46. 5 million people in the United.

States that are in poverty. (Poverty). How can we ask them to fork up the extra cash during tax season to help these former military employees? We can’t it is physically impossible if they can’t afford to live how can we ask them for extra cash. Yes, there are more than 80% of the nation out of poverty but we can’t just ask those Americans for money if we were to do it then everyone would have to give the extra money. Now we can’t force that on non-military citizens to do that, it would be against our rights as being free Americans.

That’s like only bringing food to work for the people with brown eyes you just can’t do it. The founding fathers wouldn’t allow our nation to do such things. More fuel to this fire, is that as American’s we can’t be forced with the tasks at hand to help the military it needs to be done by the government. We can gripe and complain all we want but we can’t do a damn thing about it unless Congress does something. Now if Congress were to do something then we could make a change but with our economy being in such a state of depression we as a nation couldn’t do anything different to make a change because if we did then it would just make our economy worse.

Which then could lead to a down fall in our nation and we can’t have that in today’s society. These former military employees need to understand the outcomes of what might happen after they are done with their duty if they don’t then they Mahnken 7 shouldn’t have joined in the first place, that shows lack research and lack interest into their own lives. On to the fact of PTSD, yes this is a terrible disorder to have but even people who have never been in the military have this disease and if we only showed help for those who were in the military then we would be cutting out the others who have it. Also with those facts not every single person who is in the military has PTSD.

According to the PTSD website only 12 to 20 percent of the people currently fighting actually come home with this disorder. Now with numbers like that why are making it such a big deal to make sure we have help. If the numbers are that low then we shouldn’t be worried about this disorder we should be focused on the other epidemics in today’s society. Understand that this is a terrible disorder to have but if the percentage shows that the number of men and women fighting coming home don’t have it is greater than the percentage that does have it then we shouldn’t be worried about this disorder.

Also there are places for those who do have it, can go to, to get the help need so they can get healed and medicated properly. Now understand why the military needs the help that it needs. By using detailed research and many examples from the internet it shows why the amount of money they are getting paid in not even remotely close to what they deserve or need.

Also it shows that the benefits they are receiving as we speak is not enough. This needs to change. If we as Americans don’t do anything then no one will. Yes there are many views that show why the military gets what they get. Like them having the choice to join at all and the fact that as where the country sits today we can’t afford to help them. But they have given up their lives to help us stay free and that should be enough to make a change. If you read this and don’t feel moved then you didn’t read this Mahnken 8 properly but we as the free American’s with all of our natural rights need to make this change for men and women fighting for us.