Military discipline Review Example

I feel that one of the main causes of discipline issues in the modern soldier is that the public and congress are too involved in the military. When really they have very little knowledge on what occurs in the regular work day. The changes they make limit a lot of leadership on what they can and can’t do thus stopping them from being as effective as they can in training soldiers I also think a lot of new soldiers forget the Army Values at times. A big one being integrity. You see a lot of cases in were a soldier may be yelled at, given counseling or some kind of disciplinary action.

Then immediately wants to go to behavioral health because his or hers feelings were hurt or they are angry. I think that they use the system to their advantage which causes for more undergoing issues down the road. However there are discipline issues through most of the enlisted side E-1 to probably E-7 or higher. Do to little things as far as not going to parade rest for someone that out ranks you because you know they won’t say something. Not getting a hair cut because it’s late and you don’t feel like driving. Granted they seem like little things at the time.

Although I think these kinds of things make you more comfortable with your leadership which in time can become cancerous. Especially when you lose sight of the fact that they’re still in charge of you. Then when told to do something you don’t want or have an issue with you go about it the wrong way. When other soldiers can witness this it becomes an even bigger problem. I do believe in a large way leadership and how they conduct themselves will reflect on the soldiers below them. If a soldier sees you complaining or arguing with someone that out ranks you he or she is then going to think that behavior is tolerated.

Which then it makes it harder to correct thus soldier when you’re guilty of doing the same thing. In my own opinion I think the best way for me tackle these issues is to educate my soldiers on how congress has influenced certain things in the military but it doesn’t exempt them from other punishment depending on the incident at hand. I am also going to start teaching them why integrity is so important in the military and encourage them to seek my help with any problems instead of trying to find a way to get out of it. I’m also going to enforce more self-discipline amongst myself and new soldiers even at the littlest level.

If one of us is not doing the right thing we will correct each other regardless of rank but do so in a respectable manner. That way I’m showing the right example for lower enlisted and setting them Disciplinary Problems In Modern Soldiers And How We Can Fix Them up for success and not failure. Too many soldiers are trying to get out who haven’t been in even a year. I think even myself is somewhat responsible at times. That being said I will to do everything in my power to try to keep that negativity away from them. In return I will expect them to do the same for those around them.