Military Discipline

Where to start, lets see discipline in the military from the beginning to now. Well from the start of the civil war the military was not as it is now. Then solders was a solder 24-7 back then, and the only time they had to them self was when the war was over. Now, we still solders 24-7 but we have more personel time to deal with familys and to start a family. But that is up to the solder, anyway over the years the military had to change to keep the morale up in the military. So the military came up with some rules to keep people in the military and add to the ranks.

Discipline is key to a good unit or any thing dealing with the military. If you look in any book that the military put out, discipline is in all of the books or on the net as well. Over the years the rules for us have change or got taken out do to the fact that times change. Back then, the solders had to do was to write and send letters. Now, we have letters, e-mails, IM, pic, and the all time phone. So the discipline in all that is hard as far as telling love one where you are at and what is said on the phone.

It was hard for the people that we was facing back then to get the intel to know what they are doing. The key to that was the discipline in the unitas well as in the military. Back when the military was getting on it feet, there was little discipline. The only discipline we had was in the battlefield and even then it was not that great. Then a great person lead the way to refine the way we fight on the battlefield, and discipline was key to form battle formations. Over the next few years battle formations got refine to change with the times.

But discipline also when out of the battlefield and in to the homes of solders. Why is that, we are solders 24-7 so discipline is key out of work. We are in the biggest military in the world so we need to show everybody that we are the best at what we do. Back then we show off that thing in a bad way. We though we can do anything we wanted but the problem with that the people hated the military because of the lack of discipline in the troops after the war was over and even during it as well. That was when the UCMJ came in to play, that was when discipline was key in and out of work.

As the times changes so did the UCMJ as well, from the way we act to killing people and other things that i don’t even like to take about. Discipline can hurt you or help you as far as moving up in the ranks. Back then, solders that did wrong things got killed on the spot or got the rope from a tree. Now a days, people go to jail or put to death depening on where you are in the world. If you show that you got the discipline to be a great leader, then great things will happen for those who show the that the military is a good thing to happen to a person’s life.

Because of discipline in the military i have seen people go from shit bag to a great NCO. Reason for that is once again of discipline can change a person’s way of life. Back then it was the same. You show that you can lead then you move up the ranks. That haven’t change in over the years. Today the military got different people as far as color of skin or backgrounds. In the civil war, the south had white people in the ranks. But the north had blacks and whites fighting for the samething. As the times change so did the military when it came to race or color of skin.

The discipline in units when it came to that was hard but we as the United States over come that with discipline and UCMJ. The military came with EO reps in units to fight any subject that relates to race, color, or background. The EO reps show the discipline to be on the same playing field as any person in the military besides rank. There is alot of discipline in the military as far as females in the ranks. Back then females only did what they can do at home. When World War II happen females can only care for the wonded and do desk jobs in the military, but over time females work in all areas of the military.

So the discipline in dealing with females in the ranks as far as males si hard then people thing. Males got to have the discipline to work around females as far as what they say and what they do around them as well do to them. Today’s military got alot of discipline when comes to females and males in the same unit, the discipline is key to a good working relationship between the two. To conter the backlash from any problems that may rase from this the UCMJ laid the ground rules down. So discipline is key to keep a unit running problem free, that is the same out of work as well.

To close this up, discipline had change the way the military runs as well as it looks to the people to the world. In the past, we was just starting to input discipline in solders and how things go on the battlefield. Today it is the same but there is more to the military then on the battlefield. Discipline stays with the solder even when that person gets out of the military. It shows that we are the best at what we do but it also shows people outside of the military that we are The United States Military and we are proud to serve this great nation!!!!