Military Deployment

Long tours and repeated deployments have led to increasing rates of suicide and divorce among armed forces personnel , according to the pentagon as a member of the Armed Forces who has been on two 15 month long deployments, I choose this topic because I have significant insight to add. I have watched multiple friends get diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I have also seen many of those same friends go thru marital problems and divorces. I’m sure that you can figure out that I agree with the view point of Gordon Lubad.

One in 5 veterans from Iraq or Afghanistan-about 300,00 individuals- have some form of the condition, (post-traumatic street disorder), according to a study by the RAND Corp. , a security consultant in Arlington, Virginia. Most Veterans do not seek treatment after returning home from a tour, they go back into civilian life and never get the help they need. The Military has made tremendous efforts to provide Soldiers with more training to recognize mental health issues among their colleagues and creating mandatory for a face to face counseling for returning Veterans.

Once Soldiers return home from these repeated deployments there are schools they have to be attended. Soldiers never receive the opportunity to be fully accumulated back into their normal life. Soldiers can spend weeks or months away from home during times of non-deployment. Experts and Commanders say 15 month tours are too long because they compound mental health problems and other home issues at home. Of course others don’t always agree.

Some Americans support military deployments. They feel that Military presence is needed in order to keep the world at peace. There are those that hold the opinion that if you sign the contract that you are to be at the beck and call of the Military and family and civilian life is a secondary priority. Also that Soldiers are trained and groomed to adapt to this kind of lifestyle. They believe that it is their duty to uphold the standards of the Military.

In my opinion I feel like a lot of the people that feel this way are those who have never spent a day serving their Country; Never been away from home for months or years at that. We live in a free Country where everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, but I think that your opinion should be accompanied with facts. Especially when discussing topics as critical as this one. “Military Deployment. ” Opposing Viewpoints Online Collection. Gale,Cengage Learing, 2010. Gale Opposing Viewpoints in Context. Web. 30 Aug 2011.