Military Bearing Example

Military bearing is ones outward appearance. The sharp uniform, perfect haircut, and their motivation and pride in their appearance. Military bearing is the way you take pride in your accomplishments and the majority of your experiences. It is also the way you maintain your composure and contain your emotions at all times. even when some might think it is neccessary to speak ones thoughts, that is where military bearing comes into play and maintains the composure of the soldier himself.

Military bearing can also be described as doing the morally right thing wether somebody is watching you or not. Therefore leading into integrity which one takes upon himself to maintain the bearing at all times, and follow the orders of his given commands. To show ones military bearing is an importance in the military because it shows the respect one has for his senior enlisted at all times no matter the situation one may encounter. To take pride in military bearing distinguishes a level of respect.

Self discipline plays a major role because it shows ones readiness for anything. Acting with confidence, poise, and reserve plays a large role in military bearing also. knowing what your rank can handle is important because it gives you your position in your state of circumstances. Military bearing encompasses ones level of professionalism when dealing with others, and ones approach to military situations. Self discipline is a key factor also, because it developes the entire underlying meaning of military bearing.

Arguing with superiors, ignoring army standards and permitting to rule breaking are consisten with military bearing. A superior with military bearing does not yell at subordinates but calmly instructs them and helps rectify their mistakes. when talking to a superior, standing at the position of attention or parade rest are good encompany of military bearing. any action that would be considered disgraceful to the Army is not a good exgibition of propper military bearing.

when various situations approach you in your military career, having military bearing will help you make decisions that are standard to the military. dependability is a major aspect of military bearing. without dependability, one can neither performproperly in a workspace, and also can not be depended on by there equals, and chain of command to carry out their military duties adequately. a military member is required to be punctual and reliable. lack of this in a soldier hinders the duty of the command, and can also be negative toward the entire Army.

military bearing is a vast assortment of rules and ethics that govern our every day life. all military soldiers have an obligation to conduct themselves with dignity in such a manner to reflect credit on the military branch they are in. dignity exists only when one has the proper sense of there individual worth and of the worthiness of their cause. the person who posesses true dignity will also respect the dignity of others. when one respects his seniors and is guided by the example given to himself, it shows a true sign of propper adequate toward military bearing.

he also respects his junior enlisted and provides an examle that they will be proud to follow. The United States Army is structured on several values and principles that it upholds, among these are military bearing, discipline and respect. These principles represents what the organization strongly believes in and governs the most basic customs and courtesies that all its members should abide by, otherwise legal repercussion and punishment is enforced that could ultimately result in separation from the organization.

According to Field Manual 6-22, “Military Bearing is defined as having or projecting a commanding presence and a professional image of authority”. One is to observe a sense of calmness even in the most stressful situations, leaders of the United States Army should maintain their military bearing even in situations where it seems chaotic, out of control or a civilian would respond in panic. separation from the organization.

The reason for this goes back to situations in where leaders, Non-Commisioned officers and officers would have to make swift decisions in the battlefield that may affect the lives of their soldiers. In a world of chaos, their subordinates are relying on their leaders to make the right decision and trusting that those big decisions made is the best out of all the options given. Leaders should be able to make these big decisions with all his confidence projecting out with his military bearing.

A leader should look like a leader, disciplined, confident, and has the skills and abilities to persuade and provide their subordinates with the motivation, direction and purpose so as to accomplish a mission without being easily rattled by problems that arises. Troubleshooting in any given situation, may it be life threatening or not, should be handled professionally in a military manner in where even if you are not sure, you will act accordingly as if you are sure of your decisinon because if your subordinates senses the slightest fear or uncertainty with your decisions, then you just have lost the trust and confidence of them.