Military Appointments

Scheduling and keeping appointments go hand-in-hand with one another. If someone were to miss an appointment accidentally, intentionally, emergency, or otherwise, said person(s) would cause someone else whom also needed an appointment on the same day for the same thing however unlikely. In the Twenty-Fifth Combat Aviation Brigade, if a soldier were to miss an appointment due to non-emergency circumstances a soldier will be marked as a no show, and the soldiers chain of command will be notified. The standard operational procedure varies for each unit. For some a first offence is an article fifteen.

For others if you are to miss an appointment, as long as a soldier is able to reschedule the missed appointment he/she will receive no reprimand for the accidental or emergency missin I an appointment. One could say that you are being threaded like a child making sure that your leadership holds your hand and belittles you as not being a grown adult who can manage their own problems. Negative counseling or assaigned essay writing for instance is a form of punative action against a soldier that missed an appointment, due to the fact that he was working through lunch and forgot all about the appointment.

In this case the grown up thing to do would be to call the place of appointment. Then ask if you can reschedule for the same day to hopefully abound a no show. Next they will tell the soldier that the building is so busy same day appointments just won’t be possible. The only way for a soldier to get out of a no show is to have an emergency circumstance. When a soldier of the Twenty-Fifth Combat Aviation Brigade misses an undetermined amount of appointments in Delta Troop Two-Six CAV, that soldier will have paperwork pushed for an article 15, possible loss in pay, 45 days extra duty, and in some circumstances removed from the Army.

These are things to avoid. Always answers the phone in the military. Always set alarms and reminders in a device or write them on a calendar for appointments. Remember to let the first line supervisor know when you have scheduled an appointment. If something comes up including emergencies be sure to be able to call twenty-four the forty-eight hours ahead to reschedule. If a soldier does not get an appointment reminder via a phone call or text message from an automated system be sure to let the staff at the location of the appointment know, it may very well help pi others that may end up missing their appointment as well.