Does the Military Achieve their Desired End State?

Indeed, the administration of President Bush had made a tremendous effort and paid a great concern in the transformation of the military. This is in effect of the act of terrorism from the adversaries and their emerging new ways of attacks. The worry of the administration that the enemies are just silent for the meantime and are planning the next assault justified the call for transformation previous suicide bombing against US military personnel reinforced this need. The previous events showed the perpetuation of violent terrorist activities that posed the challenge for transformation and a strong against it.

Protecting the people at its best and leading the fight against terrorism is at the core of the Bush administration. Hence, even if without the consent of the United Nations, they launched war of aggression against the state of Iraq. Recognizing the campaigns for the future is the basic element of re-inventing the defense system. Preparing for the adversaries is an integral part of the nation- the diplomatic, the economic, the investigative, the information and the military.

It is a historical opportunity to maximize revolutionary innovation that will heavily draw the opportunity of transformation. Despite the critics and disagreement from other nation, the results showed that the Bush administration did it well. Certainly, the defense system is prepared for anything that goes. Though, the character of the future environment is indescribable right now, the president and the military initiative already identify the vision of shaping the security environment both in national and international level.

They had already built the foundation and stepping up on the lather of triumph. President Franklin Roosevelt, in his state of the nation address in 1941 stated that in the future the military are to secure the people and give them the freedom of speech and to express one self, the freedom to choose the God whom he worship to everywhere in the world, he freedom from want, and the freedom from fear (Roosevelt as stated in Kem 1941:2006).

Since its establishment, the defense system has evolved after the fall of Soviet Union it had made itself effective and efficiently prepared for any endeavor. These will also act as preparation measures.


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