Midlands Co-operative Society Limited

Midlands Co-operative Society Limited puts Co-operative values into practice in everything they do. The Social Accountability Steering Group is part of the management department. They have Social Accountability Policy in business which includes responsible approach to environment, the adoption of policies to promote the cost effective and sensible use of natural resources, to help to contribute to a better quality of life for everyone, waste recovery, recycling, emissions control and to work with their suppliers and distributors to promote ethical and social responsibility.

They distribute 1% of Midland Co-operative's trading profit to communities where they do business and they also organise fundraising campaign. Charities they have donated are the British Heart Foundation, ChildLine Midlands, five hospices, Macmillan Cancer Relief, NCH, for Make-A-Wish Foundation UK, Marie Curie Cancer Care, CLIC Sargent, Dogs for the Disabled and the Alzheimer's Society. The social accountability steering group also has energy policy which aims to achieve the improvement in energy efficiency in their all stores and buildings. They have an energy manager who monitors and reports on progress towards energy issues across Midland Co-operative. The HR department involved to provide training to their employees on energy awareness and to understand their responsibility in energy policy.


Midland Co-operative rewards their teams and colleagues in many ways. They have really very benefits which employees or customers wouldn't get anywhere else. The HR department has introduced benefits for their members which includes ownership of Midland Co-operative, right to say in the way the Society is run, right to vote in Society's election, chance to become board member, exclusive discount offers, loyalty cards, more local products, more ethical, fair-trade products and social events in local community.

The HR department runs the effective management programme every year and all Midland Co-operative managers are invited to participate in this programme. The Effective management programme aims to engage middle managers in developing their leadership, team work, problem-solving, and coaching skills, business influencing and personal effectiveness. Most of their departments will contribute in progress of their society and growth of their people. The management department at Midland Co-operative thinks about development of society and make decisions such as opening new stores. Midland Co-operative is running two projects of opening new stores in Stirchley, Thurmaston, Raunds, Dronfield and Swanhurst. This is how they expand their society and move society forward.

When these will open, they will new some people to operate these stores so the HR department will recruit people for these stores. This will be their investment in society. Midland Co-operative trades locally therefore they will buy products from local farmers around their stores and the sales department will build up new customers as well in those areas so this will be their growth of people through efficiency. All departments and every employee are involved in contributing to be open, honest, fair and consistent.

The HR department ensures that every employee in Midland Co-operative has equal opportunities and also explains them about their roles and responsibilities towards Midland Co-operative in training. The management department and the finance department make sure that all members are kept informed. The administration department sends out regular newsletters to their members and employees. The finance department also prepares annual report and social responsibility report to give details explanation of What Midland Co-operative did last year. The customer service department in all their food stores, non-food stores, travel stores and funeral stores provides consistent service to their customers and always tries to provide more than good customer service.