Mercedes Benz Essay

Our overriding corporate goal is to achieve sustainable profitable growth and thus to increase the value of the Group. We strive to achieve the leading position in all our businesses. Operational excellence and efficiency along with inspired and high-performing people are the key to our future corporate success. At the same time, our entrepreneurial activities are guided by the principle of sustainability. Our employees orient themselves on the four corporate values of passion, respect, integrity and discipline.

We want to lead the competition also in terms of integrity. We have set ourselves clear return and sales targets. As of the year 2013 we intend to achieve on a sustained basis a return target of 9% on average for the automotive business. We intend to sell 1.6 million cars of the Mercedes-Benz brand in 2015. At Daimler Trucks, we aim to sell more than 500,000 vehicles in the year 2015. Mercedes-Benz Vans plans to sell 400,000 vehicles and Daimler Buses 42,000 complete buses.

Daimler Financial Services will continue to grow in line with our automotive business. For the implementation of our claim to leadership, we draw on the strengths of the Daimler Group: our traditional role as an innovation and technology leader, the worldwide reputation of our core brand Mercedes-Benz and our global presence as a full-line supplier of premium cars, first-class trucks, vans and buses and tailor-made financial services. Four strategic growth areas

We aim to achieve our goals through four strategic growth areas, running as central themes through all divisions. We will * further strengthen our core business,* grow in new markets,* take the lead with “green” technologies, and * lead the way with the development of new mobility concepts and services. Strengthening the core business. A strong core business is the key foundation for profitability and growth. In order to strengthen our core business, we are renewing and expanding our model range, effectively developing our brands, and taking measures to increase efficiency and competitiveness in all our businesses.

Growing in new markets. Growth in global automotive demand will mainly take place in the markets outside Europe, North America and Japan in the coming years. Although we continue to strengthen our position in these traditional markets, we also aim to expand in other regions, especially in Brazil, Russia, India and China, the so-called BRIC countries. We will achieve this through further enhancing our local presence and, where useful, cooperation with local partners.

Leading with green technologies. As a pioneer of automotive engineering, our goal is to make the future of mobility safe and sustainable. Varying mobility requirements call for different drive solutions. Our portfolio of solutions ranges from the optimization of internal-combustion engines to hybrid drive and to locally emission-free driving.

Shape mobility concepts and services. More than half of the world’s population already lives in cities, and this proportion is rising. And customers are increasingly demanding individual, needs-oriented and convenient mobility solutions that are easy to use and accessible online at any time. As a manufacturer, we are responding to this demand in both the private and the public sector with mobility concepts such as car2go, CharterWay and Bus Rapid Transit (BRT).