Meat Packing

In Eric Schlosser’s “The Most Dangerous Job” Is about the working conditions in slaughterhouses the employees go through on a daily bases. Schlosser writes his story with how cows are slaughtered for packing, then you realize he is really making a point about the hazardous conditions employees are forced to work in. According to Schlosser ” The “IBP revolution” has been directly responsible for many of the hazards that meatpacking workers are now forced with” (658).

To keep up with line getting faster due to high profits some floor managers are providing “crank” or “meth” for free to keep their employees going faster to help get through the shift. Managers or the floor supervisors has a chance to earn more money with bonuses. The supervisors can recieve the money with low injury rates and high productividy. The slaughterhouses also have high sexual harassment complaints. Schlosser said ” Women being fondled and grabbed on the production line, while the supervisiors just laugh” Schlosser.

Alot of the women do agree with the male advanaces just to be able to get a green card, get better shifts , and to get the easy less dangerous jobs. “OSHA’s voluntary compliance policy did indeed reduce the number of recorded injuries in meatpacking plants. It did not however, reduce the number of peaple getting hurt” (663). The amount of employees in the slaughterhouses that are injuryed and sick from the jobs they do, is huge.

It is hard to beleave that the goverment puts a price on how much your body parts are worth. $35,000 dollars is what you get when you lose an arm. That wouldn’t be enough to help my family survive for a year. The goverment should relook at the price of how much money should be paid to injuryed workers. Schlosser, Eric. “The Most Dangeruos Job” The Presance of Others. Andres A . Lunsford and John J. Roszkeiwiez, eds. Bost: Bedford St. Martin’s, 2008. 654-674. Print.