McCain & His Immigration Policies

Immigration policies are one of the guiding principles of a nation that concentrates with the movements of people across its boundary, but especially those who wish to reside in the nation and explore their job opportunities (Solberg 2006). These, policies may vary widely ranging from permitting all varieties of the migration to not permitting any of the migration form in the country.

This has had a crucial characteristic of handling the immigrants or the dependable individuals who fling themselves on the kindness of the country in which they migrate to, searching for help from the unfortunate handling in their own home nation. With these policies in mind, the countries are usually more concerned with the national security of its country that allows individuals traverse the boundaries of their own countries. This has come in as the result of the increase of the level of terrorism in the whole world.

They tend to believe that the terrorists may enter the nation through the overseas or other countries. As the result of all these, the nations tend to be stricter on their policies in order to be able to protect its country against any attack from outside nations (Solberg 2006). These restrictions some time becomes so tight that it even discourages the tourists who wishes to visit the nation or even people who wish to walk around the nation.

As a result, some of the nation have made their policies to be flexible so that it can accommodate for immigrates and tourist who wishes to carry out their business in the nation for its growth in the economy. In United States, this has been one of the most difficult issues that has an impact or affects the life of the Americans in one way or another. Relying with these different aspects in every nation, we are going to look at one of the 2008 presidential candidate, senator McCain policies that he used as his approaches to campaign for his election power to be voted in as the president in the country.