Is “Mass Marketing” Dead?

I am in the mindset to believe that mass marketing is becoming less and less significant and is on the road to meeting its demise. The idea of Mass marketing is for a company to get its message across to as many people as they can, and by doing this, they will filter out those who are not interested in their product, while still getting others who are interested to become customers, and then hopefully advocates. The only problem with this is that so many companies have used this approach throughout the years that many people are beginning to find ways to completely ignore these messages and ads all together.

In my opinion, technology is a huge factor in mass marketing being on its way “out the door”. With online marketing, program developers are always coming up with the next best pop up blocker; with visual television ads the inception of DVR and TIVO, potential customers are given the option to fast forward through the ads to get right back to their program; and with mobile phones and tablets, many apps have a 99 cent upgrade to allow a user to completely ignore the ads all together.

Not only does technology with online marketing help potential customers ignore ads during their attempt to turn them into consumers, but it also allows niche marketing to step in and become more prevalent. A prime example to defend this belief is with social media. When one of the one billion plus Facebook users log into their account, immediately ads pop up. These ads are generated depending on where the Facebook User is located, what their relationship status is, what pages they have “liked”, and what they share on their walls.

This approach is genius and doesn’t come off as intrusive. Before I had my first child, I was showered with ads about baby products that I should purchase, and “mom-to-be” programs. They were educational, and informative, and I totally bought into the marketing scheme. The ads Facebook users are presented with are almost impossible to ignore, as they are can be exactly what the person they are targeting is looking for. Communication has also changed mass marketing. The cost of communication is declining so this enables marketers to send more and more messages to their target audience.

This is another deterrent for mass marketers, as in order to communicate with the people that you want to target, you need to make sure that the message you are intending to deliver is well thought out and detailed. This is against the normal practice of mass marketing, as in the past mass marketers used generic messages to draw consumers in. Niche Marketers have taken advantage of cheap communication as they make sure they are only reaching out to certain markets depending on their product.

They understand that you cannot bombard people with information as it comes off as intrusive, and they know that only spending money to communicate with audiences that you want to have will help them be the most successful. Different tactics have proven over the years to draw consumers in. These tactics have proven that there is not a bright future for mass marketing. The idea behind successful marketing now, is to not tell someone that a product will make them happy, but it is about showing them how a product will make them happy.

An example of how this shift in marketing has occurred is with what Samsung did for its’ customers at random airports. Samsung didn’t put up giant billboards and come up with a catchy song to draw any and every person to their product, they instead targeted those who already had Samsung phones and provided charging kiosks for their use. This was great to keep Samsung users, but it also made others that had different brands say “You know what? I want a Samsung!

” Another example is Nike, they created an app that gives users information about the shoes that players are wearing. They didn’t send this information out to anyone and everyone, but they subtly provided those with the slightest interest the information that they would need to become consumers. Now more so than ever before, niche marketers are creating trends for marketing that mass marketers cannot keep up with. The future of mass marketing does not stand a chance because of the amazing job that has been done by niche marketers.

They are seen as entertainers, educators, and friends rather than bothersome intruders. For the reasons above, I definitely feel that Mass Marketing is slowly on its way out. I think the focus now is not on catchy slogans, but on the solid cases that are presented for why consumers need certain products. References: Khandelwal, Payal. (2009) “ ‘Mass marketing works well, but the future is niche’: Contagious’ Nayar” Campaign India. Retrieved on April 26, 2013 from http://www. campaignindia. in. Poland, Ashley.

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