Marshall Plan and Western economic

Along with other things, the international system sometimes causes economic problems and issues concerning economic justice to be inferior to political considerations. Spero & Hart presented an example, security issues were placed below the US foreign aid instituted by the Marshall Plan and Western economic aid to the former Soviet Bloc after the end of the Cold War. 2 Setting selflessness aside, the US viewed it as making up for its security interests to force off the spread of communism by reaching put to devastated nations caused by the Second World and get their economies back up.The aim of bringing about stability politically by means of economic prosperity was highly evident at the end of cold war through the Western aid policies for former communist. Despite the presence of structural realism that can aid in explicating some of the dynamics pertaining to the international political and economic interaction, the structural realism alone can’t completely explain the existence of an international society.It was assumed in the structural realist theory that such a society can never exist to begin with because of the fact that it lack a supreme world authority that will require the pursuit of the states’ own interests and for the interests of their very own survival lacking any impressions of morality or fair play. It is inherent for any society to do whatever means to survive, thus, the states will act according to what they see will work without any explanation to others.What’s more, in the view of the realists, force is the only element of order because it is a fact that human nature is basically evil. Order is therefore proclaimed by a use of force alone and because of the absence of a government that monopolizes on violence, this puts the international system in a state of anarchy. Still, the tendency of the international system towards order rather than towards abject anarchy is something that structural realism can not explain but the order.In the views of the legalists, it is because of a unifying goal to cooperate that the international society exists which is the case in the international system because an unusual level of order has been attained even in the absence of a supreme authority capable of enforcement. Using the domestic analogy law, not everyone tends to break the law despite how effective the law is. Though the existence of a universally negative nature of people was assumed by the realists –that in the absence of a supreme authority, everyone is “preprogrammed” to commit an ill act to one another because of selfishness– the evidence showed otherwise.There is no explanation from structural realism concerning the unified spirit of cooperation and understanding among the participants of the international society. It can’t explain why political leaders go to as much as justifying their policies and wars to the whole world if such international society didn’t come into existence.