Mandatory Military Service Essay

Mandatory Military Service Mandatory military service has been a part of our country for centuries. It has produce loyal, respectful, disciplined soldiers who later became productive, respectful, patriotic, law abiding citizens and a great influence in their respective communities. Military service has changed my life and the life of other members who may have been on the wrong side of the law had it not have been for the training, discipline, leadership, respect and skills that we have received while serving our country.

The mandatory military service requirements would be for qualified male applicants, 18 – 25. The purpose is to provide a safer country and prevent senseless violent crimes that sometimes result in the murder of someone that we love. This country’s values, beliefs, and constitution were built on the backs of those citizens who took to arms for the defense of our nation and gain its independence from the Great Britain.

To keep our nation ready to combat any enemy, foreign or domestic, the conscription was implemented in order to keep our forces trained and ready. In 1777, a Prussian officer named Friedrich Von Steuben assisted General Washington with his military experience. He brought a wealth of experience and was able to teach basic soldiering, discipline, order, loyalty, and respect. His military implementation on General Washington forces, was the beginning of the US Army and his influence still remains it todays Army (Shay, 2009).

For decades, violent crimes have led to the senseless deaths of our loved ones. Most of these crimes are committed by people who have no respect for the law, non-productive, lack of discipline, low self-esteem, issues with depression and poverty stricken. Military service training provides young adults with discipline, pride, respect, skills, esprit de corps, loyalty, honesty, and responsibility, characteristics needed to become a productive, law abiding, and respectful citizen for a safer America.

The majority of the violent crimes in America come from teens and young adults from the urban environment of our country which makes up a large percentage of America. The violent crime rate in the US in 2009 was 17. 1 per 1,000 persons, the crime rate in the military in 2008 was, 1. 55 crimes per 1,000 residents, it is an impressive 64% lower than the national average (Bureau of Justice Statistics, 2010) (Watson, 2009).

Although violent offenders comes from all walks of life throughout America, the majority of violent offenders come from single parent or below poverty homes and neighborhoods, most with no respect for people, property and the law, some with anger, low self-esteem and depression issues. I am familiar with these types of individuals. Growing up on the south side of Chicago, I have seen how military training, and discipline would have guided these young men to a different path in life instead of a life of crime and imprisonment.

These are the individuals that would benefit from mandatory military service. With mandatory military service (conscription), troubled teens who normally head to street corners, enters the military and receive the training, discipline and experience that would propel them to a stable and secure life. This allows neighborhoods to become safer and society to become stronger. The workforce gets better workers, families get better mothers and fathers, and the country gets a more unified citizenship (Williams, 2006).

Granted, there are a small percentage of service members who have gone against the law. Service members are held to a higher standard and for that, the penalties for violent crimes committed in the service are far more severe than those in the civilian population. This punishment to those service members who violate the law, serves as a deterrent to those who may think about breaking the law. I know that as Americans, we truly love our freedom and we so often forget that freedom is not free; sacrifices were made in order for us to enjoy the ones that we have.

A safer America means; safer states, safer cities, and safer neighborhoods for our families. I am sure that if you or someone you know, who had a loved one taken away senselessly for being in the wrong place at the wrong time by a criminal, would you want to make your community safer so no one else have to go through what you have been through. Mandatory military service is not the end all answer, it is just a firm suggestion to make productive, respectful, law abiding young adults who without it, might turn to a life of crime or worse, take the life of someone you love.

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