Mandatory military service Paper Example

Every Country defends itself from other countries. Military is the biggest part of defending system of a country. Military need much different equipment but most important one is solider. People would not want to go to military and risk their live. That is why most of the countries put military service under mandatory. United States is not one of these countries that have mandatory military service. United States gives money and many benefits to people for get them into military. If United States will make the military service mandatory, then that would help economy of the government and new generations of United States.

Every single person has responsibilities for the country. We all pay tax and this is a money that government’s share. As we pay to government, also we have responsibility to keep our country safe. So that would be giving military service for a limited time. United States gets a lot of immigrants every year and let them stay, work and even become a United States citizen. So these immigrants should be under military service, then they would serve for what they get from government. If immigrants give military service then government would increase amount of soldiers.

United States government spends a lot of money for military. Whoever invites to military in the United States, they get paid from government. Beginner soldier paid is around 1400. 00 USD and they don’t have to pay rent or food cost. Also whoever give military service, they get free health care by the government. If military service becomes mandatory for all people then government would spend less money for military service. The best ages would be for the military service is 18-21 years old because this is the age when human robust energy and it provides physical conditioning, mental and physical strength.

Also birthrate is increasing for United States so that would provide more soldiers for military years in coming years. However military service must be limited time. All people have their own live and government can’t attend them for all their life into the military. Also limited time service would break fear of going to military. Whoever study or goes to school, they may get postpone for their military service. There are many people would not want to go to military because of hard training conditions. Even it is going to be limited time; people would not leave their family or job for military service.

However government would find solutions for people’s complaints. Training conditions would be flexible for people who can’t handle it and also government may find ways how to find new job opportunities if they lose their jobs because of coming to military service. In Conclusion, we live in United States and we have responsibilities for this country. Today United States has one of the most powerful military and they keep this power with spending lots of money. If military may be under mandatory then government may save money from military and would spend the money for other needs in the country.