Management accounting midterm

Covering Sessions 1 to 4

Question 1 (10 marks – 30 minutes)

Greenville Hospital is a modern facility that prides itself on having accurate patient information and well integrated accounting systems. The hospital is always looking for new ways to use computer systems so that its medical staff can spend more time with patients. The hospital has an up-to-date hardware and software infrastructure using wire-based systems.


A)For each of the following information system types provide a definition and an example system, explaining how the example system could be used by Greenville Hospital. (4 marks)

TPS – Transaction Processing SystemDSS – Decision Support System

B)Following is an extract of information from Greenville Hospital’s payroll database.

Employee numberEmployee nameWage rate per hourRegular hours workedOvertime hours worked54624Amalie Smith10.0040554968Harrison Chan15.0040069002Cindy Flaherty14.00406

To document the data model for payroll, describe the following three components of the data model and provide an example from the table that illustrates the characteristics of the component. (6 marks)

Describe component of data modelExample from table the characteristics of the componentPrimary key



Question 2 (15 marks – 45 minutes)

Chevron Corporation is a large multi-national energy corporation with over $200 billion in sales. In Canada, Chevron operates as Texaco, which includes head office, manufacturing and distribution, and retail gasoline stations. In information technology alone, the company employs about 3,500 people, has about 10,000 servers and processes a million email messages daily.


A) Our textbook describes four general categories of ethical issues that are relevant to information technology (privacy, accuracy, property and accessibility). For each of these issues, describe how the issue is pertinent to information technology, and provide one example of how these issues might pertain to Chevron or Texaco. (8 marks)

Description of general category of ethical issue relevant to information technology Examples of how these issues might pertain to Chevron or Texaco Privacy




B)Describe two network protocols that a Chevron/Texaco could deploy in its networks. (2 marks) C)For each of the following types of networks, explain how Chevron/Texaco could use the network. (3 marks) Type of network (no description needed) Explanation of how Chevron/Texaco could use the network. [Note that each example must be different and be clearly illustrative of the nature of the network.] Wide area network (WAN)

Value-added network (VAN)


D) Explain how a Chevron or Texaco employee could use a smart phone and a network application for the process of discovery. (2 marks) End of practice exam (Effective date: Jan 24, 2012)