Making Volkswagen a Brand Success Story

Volkswagen of America, the world’s third largest car manufacturer, was repositioning its brand identity to expand their market presence and reach its celebrated enthusiast community. Volkswagen’s agency of record, Crispin Porter + Bogusky (CPB), envisioned a more interactive and engaging user experience that strongly reflected the brand’s personality. The VW team had several major goals for the new website – greater flexibility for marketing, reduced IT overhead and faster time to market with content updates.

To coincide with the overall repositioning campaign, the website needed to be built in three months, which led to the first major obstacle: VW & CPB weren’t sure that their ideal technical solution could be implemented within the scheduled timeframe. Crispin P+B recommended Oshyn, Inc. based on its track record of rapid development success and proven technical expertise with similar clients.

The SolutionOshyn developed a proof-of-concept microsite to demonstrate their capabilities and prove that VW’s envisioned technology solution could in fact be developed and delivered in the required timeframe. Oshyn then rapidly developed and upgraded multiple applications (Find a Dealer, Get a Quote, Schedule a Test Drive, VW Club and Maintenance) using an Agile development process to ensure that the functionality met the needs of all stakeholders.

The integration of these systems required complex data migration, for which Oshyn used its proprietary designed migration scripts that reduce the possibility of creating bugs while concurrently speeding up the data migration process. Oshyn migrated Volkswagen’s Oracle database and Websphere application server to the open source MySQL database and JBoss server.

The Results“I would like to thank you and your team for the dedication and hard work on the 2007 rebrand project. It was not an easy assignment, and you guys really tackled it head on.” ~ Winston Binch, Executive Integrated Producer (Interactive), Crispin, Porter + Bogusky Oshyn met the target completion target date; completely redesigning the back-end structure of the website and redeploying in less than 3 months.

Volkswagen’s website had experienced issues with duplicate or lost web requests, which Oshyn resolved through integration of back-end applications with Volkswagen’s existing IT infrastructure, making the user’s buying process, flawless from start to finish. By migrating to an open source database and open source application server, the goals of reduced expenses and increased flexibility were delivered. Oshyn implemented extensive security measures to ensure the website would be resistant to hackers.

The new design gave the website a more appealing user experience with a more intuitive path to product information from a visitor’s first interaction with the brand on the homepage to their scheduled test drive. The website won a Favorite Web Award with judges saying that, “the search-based site finds common ground between the highly informative stats, buying information, comparisons and the interactive marketing spaces typically treated as one-off microsite.” Following the success of, Oshyn has continued to work on several Volkswagen initiatives.

“You guys are great… this couldn’t have been done without you!” ~ Jill Stieber, VW Interactive Marketing Executive

The Technology• All-newsystemarchitecturedesignedforhighavailabilitybyeliminatingall single points of failure • Opensourceserverstackeliminatedlicensingfees:ApacheHTTPServer, JBoss Application Server, MySQL Cluster • Standards-basedJEEapplicationleveragedEJB3.0+JPA,Struts, FreeMarker, Castor, and other open source libraries • Customcontentdeploymentsystemprovidesworkflow,versioning,and easy rollback for localized content in multiple environments

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About Oshyn, Inc.We power innovation with a dynamic blend of strategy, design, technology and talent, and have built a reputation by helping some of the world’s most recognizable brands realize their business goals by delivering innovative and intuitive business solutions for the web, mobile devices and emerging technology platforms. Headquartered in Los Angeles and with a presence in Baltimore and Quito, Ecuador, Oshyn is partnered with the world’s most respected technology providers and traditional agencies to help some of the most recognizable brands in the world such as Best Buy/Geek Squad, Carmichael, Coca-Cola, Electronic Arts, Epson, Laureate Education, Microsoft, Miramax, RedDot, Scripps, Volkswagen and Walt Disney, achieve technology success.



of how up-to-date, hightech and high quality they consider it to be. They said they are in love with Oshyn’s code as much as anyone can be ‘in love with code’.” ~ Regional Director for Compuware, (Volkswagen Hosting Vendor)

About VolkswagenVolkswagen of America is a subsidiary of Volkswagen AG, the world’s third largest car manufacturer. The Volkswagen Group is made up of eight brands:Volkswagen,Audi,Bentley,Bugatti,Lamborghini,SEAT,ŠkodaandVolkswagenCommercialVehicles.Volkswagen’sgoalistoreachone

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