Mafia in Sicily

Since we already know that the Mafia started in Sicily, we should also be aware that it also flourished in America. The Mafia in America actually started in South America (“The Mafia”). The members of the secret organization remain fugitives in the country as they performed their illegal activities underground no matter how wealthy and influential they were for all time. The hard truth is that the members of the Mafia cannot just be jailed due to its influence and wealth (“The Mafia”). There may be sentences against them but it is fairly harsh on their part.

There are many members of the secret organization that were captured and they managed to divulged important evidences in favor of the government. Yet, since there is no death penalty in Italy, it is very difficult to disband the secret organization of the law demands burden of proof on the part of the government to prove that indeed the Mafia committed illegal acts as charged. As mentioned earlier, the Mafia is originally known as the Sicilian Cosa Nostra which is a slack amalgamation of about a hundred Mafia members which is sometimes referred to as families.

What is peculiar with the organization is that, each secret family or group of Mafias reigns over a specific assigned territory for illegal activities. There is no sure legitimacy of the monopoly of power that a specific Mafia group in a certain territory but still it continued to stay in secret power thereby terrorizing people and the society in general. Essentially, a single Mafia family could remain a sole ruling body of the entire secret organization making it more powerful and organized through the years.

There is no single rationale of the organization only that it has been considered as a way of life for its members. The culture of the organization is to kill for money at all costs. What is shocking is that the Mafias were regarded by the Sicilians as important and as role models since for them it could fight for their own interests and ideas. For the Sicilians, there is strength for the Mafias and such strength is needed in every conflict.

Obviously, the Sicilians were blinded by the purpose of the organization and thus succumbed to its evil plans and machinations. That is the very reason why until now, the said secret organization remains in operation from the early time in 19th century. However, we cannot blame the Sicilians since the government failed to offer protection for the weak and the needy. According to Best of Sicily Website (2008), Cesare Terranova who is an Italian Magistrate that was murdered in the year 1979 wrote a very traumatic description of the group:

“The Mafia is oppression, arrogance, greed, self-enrichment, power and hegemony above and against all others. It is not an abstract idea, or a state of mind or a literary term but it is a criminal organization regulated by unwritten but iron and inexorable rules. The myth of a courageous and generous man of honor must be destroyed because as Mafioso is just the opposite. ” (1) Because of the illegal acts committed by the Mafia, many people became victims of its terroristic attacks for the sole purpose of enriching themselves.

As we could not deny that bribery, receipt of kickbacks and corruption by public officers that are closely associated with the Mafias is a fact of life in Sicilian society (“The Mafia)”. This is how the secret society is done, wherein filthy involvement of politicians making Sicily in an economic disadvantageous position. In addition, the Mafia’s impact to the society is so widespread and disastrous. For so many years, reports of children, priests, judges and professionals that were killed by the Mafias existed (“The Mafia”).

As a reflection, the Mafia has been considered as the most enduring illegal and secret organization in the world and one of the most dangerous social detractors that confront Sicily at present. Conclusion At present, there were many Italians who offered their lives to fight against the Mafia. Many prominent politicians in the part of Sicily reported that the Mafia is already extinct but these are probably the same people who had gained from the illegal activities through bribery. It could be remembered in the report of BBC News when a style code of behavior of the Mafia was found when a Mafia leader was captured.

The famous leader of the secret organization named Salvatore Lo Piccolo was arrested as the said style code was found (“Mafia’s Ten Commandments Found”). The most notable entry of the style code is the fact that people who had family members as police or informer cannot be a member of the organization (“Mafia’s Ten Commandments Found”). Obviously, the reason for this case is to keep the organization away from the hunting of the police officers and ultimately the mandate of the law.

Finally, from the start of the organization until its much-awaited end, the Mafia has become the ultimate enemy of the Sicilian society. Its growth as a secret organization may be built within pride and self-enrichment yet its strength was molded on the Sicilian culture thereby agreeing on the myth of the man of honor. There were many cases of death of innocent women, children and religious leaders because of the Mafia wherein justice was never appropriated and that is the scar against the society that the organized crime had inflicted.

As such, there should be vigilance on the part of the government, may it be in Italy or in the United States so that extinction of the Mafia would not remain a myth but a reality.


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