Lucky T Review

Introduction I chose Lucky T written by Kate Brian as my book review because I love to read story related to teenagers. Firstly, I was impressed by the colorful cover page containing a picture of an American-Indian girl. I was very fond of Indian stories and I’m very glad that I can pick this novel as my book review. This book is mainly about an adventure of a young girl name Carrie. Carrie believes in superstitious things and she can’t bear that she loose her Lucky T (an abbreviation for her t-shirt).

The synopsis of this book has actually attract me to flip over each page of the book as I wanted to know what happen to Carrie when she scours on the foreign land. I wanted to read all the obstacles and blessing she went through during her journey. I realize that when I choose this book, it is somehow teach me how to adapt to the new environment and how to actually get rid of the superstitious feeling. The author of this book (Lucky T) is Kieran Scott (Kate Brian, pen name). Kate Brian was born in New Jersey, United States and still living there with her husband and her two sons.

She often writes books related to young adult, mystery and thriller. Kate Brian is the author of New York Times bestselling series “private” and its spin-off series, Privilege. Kate Brian had never been in India and she really wants to include her India’s imagination in any of her books. Finally, Kate Brian decided to write The Lucky T which talk about how Carrie travels in India to grab her Lucky T. Even though Kate Brian never been to India, her imagination of India is good and she studied about India deeply so that she could write about the country well.

Her targeted readers are teenagers. Kate Brian has achieved her target and her Lucky T books were sold in a large number. Thesis of the book The author tries to convey the message that mankind should not rely on the superstitious thing and she manages to persuade the readers to believe in their own self successfully. Body The author achieved her purposes of convincing the readers to believe in their own self. The author is giving a hidden message that one should get rid of the superstitious feeling just like Carrie did as this superstitious feeling is time-wasting.

This book is about Carrie Fitzgerald who travels across the world to search for her lucky T. Carrie’s mom accidentally gives her lucky T to the charity house in India. Carrie was so frustrated and without any hesitation, she went to India with Aunty Celia, her mom’s best friend to grab back her lucky T. “You know, Gandhi and all that. So I was thinking maybe I could go to India with Celia and Doreen. I mean you keep telling me to get out of the house…. ” (pg. 72). Here, I felt that Carrie is a very determine type person when she dares to travel to India for her own sake.

She care less about the consequences. I really feel that her determination should be applied by all teenagers because it always lead to successful life. The central part of this novel is about the journey of Carrie who went to India because she wants to help the poor-stricken background kids by providing them the shelters and take a good care of them. Somehow, Carrie face some difficulties when she cannot really adapt to the new environment in Calcutta. She was very funny when she hit the nails during the project of building the shelter’s structure.

She is such a clumsy person! The evidence of Carries’ clumsiness was included in Pg. 115- “ But before she could swing the hammer around like a samurai’s sword, it slipped out of her hand and landed square on her flip-flopped foot. ” Again she dares to explore the Calcutta with a blur map in her hand, glancing on each road to find the shelter’s that keep her Lucky T. She got the Lucky T from her father. No one would ever do a crazy things like exploring other country to own back their T-shirt.

At the climax of the story, Carrie was lucky to meet an Indian smart looking guy name Dee when she was pooped by a monkey. Feeling comfortable with Dee, Carrie runs into Dee, a volunteer at a children’s shelter and he offers her a volunteer position there (pg. 132 – “Listen, I’d hate to steal away volunteer, but if you’re really that horrendous at building, maybe you should come work with me”. Dee suggested, a sly look in his eyes penetrating Carrie to the core The ending of this novel is full with the romantic part where Carrie is having some sort of beautiful relationship with Dee.

She is so lucky to have Dee who is very charming, intelligent and understanding guy. Ignoring Dee’s hot-tempered personality, I personally felt that Carrie suits him much as Carrie Is a very cool person. The kissing part was very interesting that I even bite my lips while reading this book. The romantic bonding between Dee and Carrie was adorable and I love reading each and every scene between the two of them (pg. 277 – “She reached up, slung her arms around his neck, feeling euphoric as her up off the ground and held her close, twirling her around under the stars”).

Finding herself is actually having so much luck even without wearing that lucky T, Carrie finally realizes that the superstitious feeling she had wasn’t true. I really love the moral of this story; sometimes, life isn’t about luck. It’s about doing what you want and what’s best for you and for others. It’s about helping the less fortunate and about appreciating what you have. Conclusion The major strength of this book is that, it teaches you that superstitions are somewhat ridiculous, and that you do control your own destiny. This is proven when Carrie realize that her lucky T wasn’t the one who brings her all the happiness in her life.

Carrie, unexpectedly gives her t-shirt with all her sincerity to Deena, a poor-stricken background kid and convincing her heart that those superstitious feeling isn’t true. She really knows that what Deena need is only a little hope to make a change her life. (pg. 256-“I wanted to ask you . . . if you knew . . . that the shirt you’re wearing is going to bring you all kinds of luck. ”). Here, readers were exposed with the moral values of not to only believe in superstitious things and hence we should actually work hard to determine our feature.

Next, the major weaknesses of this Lucky T is when Carrie is indecent during the romance scenes with Dee. Carrie, as the main character and specifically a girl shouldn’t be asking for a lip kiss from Dee as this is a very humiliating things for a girl to do! Next, talking with Dee while wearing a hello kitty underwear is really sucks as Carrie plays the significant roles in this novel. Readers should be aware of this and should not follow what Carrie Fitzgerald is actually doing in all those romantic scenes.

Craving for a man hand to touch over her body is out of sense for a brave girl like her. Kate Brian has achieved her purpose of convincing readers to believe in themselves rather than believing all those nonsense superstitious feeling. One should read this book as they can start to believe in their self and being decent in any kind of relationships. The moral values that I learned is to be confident on myself and to not be selfish as what Carrie did. Carrie is selfish when she travel halfway around the world just for her t shirt without considering her mom’s feeling.

I will apply this confident feeling in my daily life especially when it comes to education part where I don’t want to plagiarize other people’s task and I want to do it on my own because their task might not be hundred percent correct and my own task may get hundred percent correct. I recommend this books to all teenagers out there so that one can be a successful person by reading this book as they will start to believe in them self and start to do the task given to them on their own without relying to anything especially luck!