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This article was posted on Los Angeles Police Department website. The article was titled “The Los Angeles Police Department 2009 Gang Initiatives”. Authorities recognized that Los Angeles was the birthplace of most notorious and violent gangsters of America, contributing the collective miseries of men worldwide. Authorities realized the urgent call for creating the solution to stop this type of terrorism. City authorities find two applicable solutions which they told must be “done better than ever before”: First, restructuring of LAPD’s organization against crime.

Under the new scheme, LAPD authorities will continue to work with their federal and local law enforcement partners, and efficiently focus resources towards suppressing this problem. Second, the embracement of what they referred the “total solution. ” Embracing the total solution involves performing interventions to stop gangster recruitment, rescue those who were already gang members, suppression of criminal activities through effective enforcement of law, plus providing re entry system to attract gangsters who want to serve the community and live a peaceful life.

To Serve and Protect the Community Police swore to protect and serve the community at all cost. This is a duty which they are entitled to fulfill to every citizen under their jurisdiction against all forms of threats. The world’s present economic situation, there are too many threats around which everybody can become victims. A Timely but Very Challenging Solution According to the site, since 2007, gang related cases reduced by 11%, and LA authorities swore to target 15% more reduction by the year 2009. LAPD authorities’ course of action is a timely but a very challenging solution.

As the recession of economy affecting many regions around the world, more people are suffering from poverty. More youths are deprived of education, job and income opportunities, of food and shelter, or of life’s luxuries. These problems often put people into chaos, forcing them to steal, and engage in malicious and criminal activities. Our present economic situation will put these plans in its greatest challenge. Suppressing Gang Retaliation Murders LAPD designated a Strategic Operations Commander with its Real Time Crime Center (RACR).

This officer will facilitate efficient deployment of all law enforcers to monitor gang trends, or occurrence of any gang-related incidents around the city. This is another challenging and costly effort, but a real good start. Suppressing a culture which has inflicted the community for years requires focus of the deployment of all available resources. But the LAPD authorities must be careful and must always observe transparency in spending the resources of the city, or otherwise this will again turn out as one of LA’s greatest controversies.

Suppression of Drug and Gun Trafficking The Detective Bureau of Los Angeles combined the Narcotics Division and Gang Operations Support Division into a single Gang and Narcotics Division. This effort aims to effectively deploy current detectives for suppressing drug and gun trafficking which has funded the organization of many notorious gangs. With efficient deployment of law enforces and by providing efficient deployment of all resources, it would at least help the city authorities cripple any form of criminal activities within the city. This effort is cost effective.

Having separate groups for these closely related criminal activities would only require separate funding from the city government’s budgets. Allocating separate budget will only open up more opportunities for corruption. By allocating a single budget, it is easier to monitor the in and out of all resources. Gang Intervention LA’s city authorities recognized the importance of intervention as an asset for violence interruption. The development of Gang Intervention Academy to provide law enforcers with quality training on gang intervention and protocols for dealing gang crimes is an effective approach.

In the past, authorities in uniform often compromise their departments because of improper handling of suspects during seizure, and investigation. Now is the time for these law enforcers to look and act decently. This is a very essential element in gaining the support of the people within the community. Executive Ad Hoc Committee on Gangs This committee regularly conducts management accountability session to evaluate progress of all crime control effort. This is a good time to discuss necessary adjustments of plans.

In my point of view, this is also a time for evaluating the performance of every single law enforcer. The organization acts as a single body, if one part of the body is having problem, it would affect the body as a whole. Problems with officers in uniforms have been reported for years, although most have remained confidential. Deployment of Violent Crime Motor Enforcement Team Officers under this team are deployed in platoon-size at high-risk areas. This effort is effective against criminal activities on the road.

If gangsters can fund to have their vehicle during their operation, then why does the city authorities designated at this team can’t? This can provide quick response for emergency calls. But yes, this will cost a lot, because this would mean acquiring more vehicles to areas where it is required. Support of Intervention and Re Entry Program This effort strives to increase awareness about gangs to suppress gang recruitments, and help gang members start a new life. There are many possible ways to facilitate this effort, for instance, organizing recreation activities for the youths.

Conclusion Suppressing gangs and other criminal activities like drug and gun trafficking is the right response to the present situation of our world. No matter how effective the strategic operations of men in uniforms, the participation of the community is still an essential element for the success of this effort. It is good to hear that our authorities are acquiring other measures of suppressing gang elements aside from using violence or force. Efficient application of these intervention efforts will help increase the awareness of the community.

If the community and the authorities understand what they are both fighting for, then it will facilitate cooperation at all crime suppression efforts. Authorities must always remember that they have sworn to protect and serve the community, and should therefore allow every possible interaction between them and the community in deploying all of its programs. Reference: LAPD Website. News Release, Jan. 27, 2009. “Los Angeles Police Department 2009 Gang Initiatives. ” Retrieved Feb. 15, 2009 from http://www. lapdonline. org/home/news_view/40758