Local Government- Public Policy

In the recent years past, the United State has realized a steady growth of economy and population. It is also estimated that his growth will not stop. It is also urged that one reason for this growth in the state of Texas is associated with the deregulation of the electric industry. While majority of the states that attempted to use electric deregulation failed, in Texas, the practice brought the much needed capacity in the market. This in turn tampered with the ever increasing prices of gas which the state may be said to have over relied on. (Burnett, 2008)

It is believed that the economic growth and also the prosperity that comes hand in hand with this practice will only depend on the continued growth in the a available power. According to the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), Texas will need both more peak capacity and base capacity. Base load capacity is the power which is supplied regularly to the system for normal operation. On the other hand, peak capacity is the power which is available for use when usage surges beyond the amount needed on most days. For instance this would happen in Texas during summer when the days are very hot.

This calls for a cheaper method of generating power which would cater for the situation which seems to be a short term situation. This brings coal as the best option to use at such time on claim that the use of coal is the least expensive form of generating power. This made the companies to propose for the building of about sixteen new coal fired power plants within the next fifty years. In such situation, there are always some reactions and in this case, there were attacks which say about eight of these companies that were proposing this to be scuttled.

In addition, the other companies that remained reorganized to form a new generation of Texas’ strong need for a new generation. They proposed a replacement of some of the plants which were pulled from the table. Those people that opposed the use of coal in the plants came up with two concerns. The first one is that these plants if they are going to use coal will increase air pollution in the Metro-plex and also in the surrounding areas. They claim that this would make it very difficult for the plant to be in compliance with the federal clean air standards as it harms the human health.