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History and tradition- some businesses are located in a particular area because that area is famous for that kind of business. For example Coventry, Coventry is famous for industrious reasons like the car factories, ribbon factories and wrist watch factories. So the history and tradition of a place affects the area a business is located at. C-central B-business D-districts. CBDs are town centres. Town centres are more expensive for business locations because there's so much demand for them due to the abundance of passing trade. Outskirts are the edge of town centres. Rural are farm lands like in the countryside.

Call centres locate themselves out of the country and abroad because the cost of living abroad especially in India is low so the call centres don't need to pay their workers much therefore the cost of everything is low for the business so there is more profit than loss. Businesses in the tertiary sector tend to locate themselves close to each other because of competition. The phrase "keep you friends close, keep your enemies even closer" applies to the businesses in the tertiary sector. Passing trade is when people go to a shop just because the shop is on their way to their destination.

Transport links are basically roads that businesses use as a link to their suppliers, customers, staff etc. In choosing transport links, the businesses have to consider the points of views of the customers, because if the customers are not close enough to the businesses, the business would not survive because the customers buy things from the businesses and the businesses need the customers' money. The suppliers, because the suppliers give the businesses their stock to sell to the customers and if the suppliers are far away from the businesses, the businesses would not have stock to sell.

The staff or employees, this is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing transport links because the employees would be there to serve or attend to the customers when they come and if they are not there, the business cannot run. Out of town retail parks are so popular, this is because the price of land in that area is cheaper than the price of land in Central Business Districts (town centres). These areas are also good value for money because in the town centres, the shops are small and they cannot stock as much things in the shop while in retail parks, the shops are big enough to stock as much as they paid for.

Out of town retail parks are also popular for people who want to avoid the crowd of the town centres. There is also free parking at the retail parks, which are available to the people who can drive. Morrison's location Multimap. com is the European leader in online mapping Morrison's is located on Binley road in Coventry. Binley road is located on the outskirts of the city centre. Morrison's is located in a highly residential area; it is also close to other businesses like B&Q, TGI FRIDAY, also the Walsgrave hospital. Other businesses like TESCO and ASDA.

This is very convenient for the other shops like the restaurant because if the run out of something the businesses could rush out to Morrison's to buy things. Transport links affect where Morrison's is located because Morrison's is located on commuter links which means that Morrison's is located on a very busy road that connects Coventry to other parts of the country so their suppliers can supply their stock on their way to other parts of the country. In other words, Morrison's being on commuter roads is very important to their suppliers.

Morrison's is affected by passing trade a lot. This is because many people pass the commuter road every day on their way to work or where they are going to like the Walsgrave hospital and they need to buy things they could just go to the Morrison's there on that road because it is convenient for them. Morrison's is very accessible because there are many buses that go to those areas. For example, buses like the number7 & 8, the bus 900 also goes there because, Morrison's is on the way to Birmingham because Morrison's is on the outskirts of Coventry.

The car park is also accessible because it is free and there is enough space for many cars to park at the same. Morrison's on Binley road is very accessible to residential areas because it is located very close to the residential areas. The Morrison's on Binley road is located in a highly populated area because places like Wyken, Binley, Walsgrave and Stoke are highly populated and they are close to it. The Morrison's on Binley road is not actually on Binley road it is actually on SKIPWORTH ROAD but it is referred to as being on the Binley road.