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Concerts – Everybody enjoys some form of music or entertainment, whether it's a Stand up comedy or an old rock band like the Who. Many of the best artists in the world will come and do a tour of the UK, as there are many big cities and also many concert halls. The biggest venues are probably in London as they have the Royal Albert Hall, the London Apollo, Earls Court, Wembley Arena, Twickenham and of course Wembley stadium, these are all world class places to go when it comes to concerts.

Sport Events – The UK is a very popular, competitive and keen sporting nation. In England there is football, in which there is the Premier League which is said to be the toughest football league in the world, there are also some of the best football teams in the world in England like Manchester United, Liverpool FC and Arsenal FC.

Ireland has there own competitive sport which is called hurling which is considered to be the fastest and most aggressive game around. The UK is a very good sporting nation, with many different types so is a great destination for those who are keen on sport. Some other sports popular in the UK are; Cricket, Golf, Boxing, Athletics, Rugby, Rowing, Tennis, Darts, Speedway etc.

Marathon – Is a most commonly known as a foot race that consists of 26 miles 385 yards. They are intense and require a lot of training, a lot of the runners in a marathon are professionals but not all. A lot of the runners in a marathon enter to raise money for various different charities and some people just like to test their abilities. There are many different marathons hosted around the world each year and one of them is in London, many people enter the competition and also many people go up to watch the marathon.

Tourism services  The two key services that are available to the travel & tourism industry are the:National Government – the main body the in the Travel & Tourism sector in control of promoting the UK is VisitBritain. There Job is to go to trade fairs all over the world and to advise and sell Britain internationally, as the country relies a lot on the finances it receives through the Travel & Tourism sector that then can go back into making the country better economically. There are also various different regionally tourist boards, there job is to promote the different parts of the UK, the different regional tourist boards include the Southern Tourist Board, Western Tourist Board, Northern Irish Tourist Board etc. 

Above VisitBritain is the Department of Culture, Media & Sport, they are a department part of the government that are responsible for supporting the countries tourism. They are responsible for putting money into all of the countries museums, cathedrals, art galleries, zoo's etc. They also support VisitBritain the countries main promoter in the travel & tourism industry, and all of the regional tourist boards like the Northern Irish Tourist Board.

Local Government – The Local Government's role is to provide money to their sector and to also make sure that all facilities, attractions are maintained and kept in as good condition as possible. Their role is basically to make their region as attractive as possible in order to promote tourism in the region; this would then create more jobs and a wealthier region in the long run. They provide their money to facilities like car parks, coaches, public toilets, museums, beaches, leisure centre's, library's, new infrastructure etc.

Travel Insurance – This is probably the key extra, as it protects you when you are on holiday if anything goes wrong, it is almost essential for your holiday. It covers you if you if you become sick, if you personal possessions are lost, if anything personal gets stolen, it can even replace a passport if you loose one. So there are some quite important factors there that without cover it could prove to be a big hassle.

Visas / Passports – Some countries require a visa to allow you to enter the country, these are just stamps by the authorities of that country that then confirms you may enter and when you must leave otherwise the visa is not valid anymore. It is normally long haul countries like Australia, USA, and China where you would need a visa. When looking to buy your holiday there will be more information about visas, whether you'll need one or not, if you do they would probably try and sort it out through there business.

Also to access any other country (except certain countries within the EU) you need a valid passport in order to get passed the passport control, if your passport was invalid due to it running out of date the travel agent / operator would be able to provide further information on how you got about it, Or you could just go to a post office and they have various forms for applying for a new passport.

Currency exchange – When people book their holiday with a Travel Agency they will nearly always give you the option to have your money changed into foreign currency, if you have booked a holiday through them they will normally offer you a special interest rate (meaning that you get more currency to the English pound) that they would not offer to someone that didn't book anything through them and just wanted there money changed up.

Car Hire – Travel Agencies will normally offer this to their customers as the majority of people that travel will require some form of transport. Many people also find it easier booking car hire through a travel agency, as they can sort it out plain and easy meaning you don't have to research into it or take time ringing companies up. Travel Agents have the ability to book it all simply and then provide with the rest of the required information.

Airport Parking – This is where you can arrange to just drive straight to the airport, they will give you a parking space which you pay a fixed fee for which depends on the duration of your holiday, then when you return you just find your car and leave. Most travel agencies offer this, as it has proved a popular and efficient way of getting to and from the airport.