Local Democracy and Developmen

The book ‘Local Democracy and Development: the Kerala People’s Campaign for Decentralized Planning’ explains the success behind the decentralization planning campaign in Kerala with lots of theoretical supports. On the other hand, it would be much better if the author will include a more detailed description of the effects of the Kerala incident on other countries and also to the supported IMF/World Bank decentralization process and globalization.

Furthermore, the authors should have given equal importance on the effects of the decentralized planning process on the sectors of the economy in Kerala who produces commodities. This sector of the economy is a crucial factor for sustaining the model implemented in Kerala for further development. In addition to this, the book does not provide an account on the individual success accounts like the Bacon Panchayats which is considered to be the origin of the decentralization process in Kerala.

Even though the book has some flaws provided above, it should be interesting enough on readers who are concerned in decentralized planning.


Isaac, T. M. Thomas, and Franke, R W. (2002) Local Democracy and Development – The Kerala People’s Campaign for Decentralized Planning. Lanham, Maryland: Rowman and Littlefield Publishers