Literature Notes

The mysterious disappearance . Sharlo’s abandoned house broken down by P. M. .Glentis village to be shut down in protest of the P. M breaking down one of their historical landmarks. .Ten(10) questions with Zakky. .With the economic meltdown, our Gaza poll reports, that many people are saying they wished they could have made a deal with the devil. story by Dennis Lorde Picture of Sharlo’s old house with the hill behind. This beautiful house with great historical value was broken by the Prime Minister.

On our first attempt, our Prime Minister told the Gaza report reporters, that he had outstanding plans for the no good piece of junk that was just taking up space in the beautiful place of Glentis Village . On our publication of this story we said that Mr. Prime minister, our honorable Mr. Patrick Manning had no respect for the history of the people of Glentis Village. The honorable prime minister was so appauled that we published his exact words that he barged into our head quarters with his full entourage to intimidate us.

So we demanded that he publicly apologize to the staff of the Gaza report, or we shall take legal action . Our prime minister laughed at me when I quoted that no individual has the right to suppress my voice ,I told him no one is above the law. The next day on the TV6 news the Prime minister apologized . Now that he has publically accused us as being liars we are out to get him. On his most recent addition to our ‘case’ he contradicted himself by saying that he did not want to destroy it was the decision of the member of parliament for that constituency.

He said “I know the importance of the building I would never want to destroy it. ” So Mr. Prime Minister are we lying on you. Be a man tell the truth, you are the real cause of the crime situation. 10 Questions with Zakky. 1. Question :Zakky how does it feel to be a friend of a man that made a deal with the devil? Answer : It was new to me that Sharlo made a deal with the devil, I only found it out when he used the calabash to hive me food for my family. 2. Question :Did your family freak out when they found out that Sharlo made a deal with the devil?

Answer :Well boy they wanted to kill me. 3. Question : What do you think happened to Sharlo? Answer :I don’t think ,I know he is in hell. 4. Question :Do you think you will ever see him again? Answer :You stupid ,you ever think I go see him again. 5. Question : What have you learned from him? Answer : I learn never to make deals with the devil. 6. Question :Do you believe Sharlo is still alive? Answer :Yes, but burning in hell. 7. Question :Have you ever heard anyone say that they have seen Sharlo after he disappeared? Answer :Yeah people say they hear him screaming in the night.