The Lincoln police department

The Mayor and the City Council of Lincoln, Nebraska are the one’s incharged with the appointment of a chief of police in the Lincoln Police Department. The Lincoln Police Department from the chief of police, have two assistant chiefs. The assistant chiefs exist to facilitate two divisions of the Lincoln Police Department, the Operations Division and the Support Division. This is to ensure that both divisions are well guided or led by specific or individual chiefs. The militaristic structure of this law enforcement agency is the Operations division.

Under the structure of the Operations Division are four areas, namely the Five Patrol Team, the Specialized Units, the Traffic Unit and the Canine Unit. The Five Patrol Teams includes teams which make up the Northwest, Northeast, Southwest, Southeast and Center, where individual team headquarters are found in each area. This structure exists to allow officers to have their respective place to easily respond to emergencies from almost 198,886 people (Dantzker, 1999).

This unit also exists to serve as an office for writing reports, making investigations and conducting interviews. It is effective because there is an improved access point for the general public on all areas, and there are fewer nuisances experienced by the police officers. The specialized unit includes the Central Investigation Unit, the Technical Investigations Unit and Narcotics Unit where each unit is commanded by a Captain, a Sergeant and officers of the police department, respectively.

These units exist to meet the distinct criminal justice management, such as arson, homicide, robbery, computer crimes, white collar crimes, fraud and drug enforcement. It is efficient for specific officers or departments are allotted for each specific problem, wherein specialization improves each structure in offering or giving better and faster results. The Traffic Unit and the Canine Unit are also important structures of the Lincoln Police Department. The Traffic Unit, led by a Sergeant, exists to maintaining responsible driving among the public and for traffic enforcement.

The Canine Unit exist to help assist the officers in this law enforcement agency by performing duties such as suspect tracks, building searches, drug detection and open area searches. Both the Traffic and Canine Unit’s efficiencies depend on the police and the K9 officers, and the Lincoln Police Department surely has outstanding officers, both human and animal. References Lincoln Police Department. Retrieved September 18, 2007, from http://www. lincoln. ne. gov/city/police/about/index. htm Dantzker, M. L. (1999). Police Organization and Management: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. Amsterdam: Elsevier.