Life: Property and God

Life is a blessing. Life is a gift. Life indeed is a tour, and it is God, who acts as our own tour guide. Many have considered life as a gift, a gift from the Almighty Creator that all of us must be thankful of. Life is a gift that we should appreciate, respect, and took good care of. We should also be thankful to our parents because, they become the instruments of God to give us life here on earth and to let us experience different things.I still remember the quote that says, you have to live your life to the fullest.

Every moment of our lives is very important. Our decisions will dictate what we will be in the future and it is us, who are responsible on the consequences that we will face in our life. So, as long as we live and make decisions on our own, let’s be in the side that will make us happy and fulfilled. Life indeed is a tour, a tour in this world, which God created for us. I remembered what I had listened on a movie that says, God must be the center of our lives. And I believe that is true. So then, life is just a game when you know nothing about God. When we are lack of faith, our life is meaningless. These situations may often lead to bad outcomes.

And when this happen, let us always remember this: “We cannot take our own life because we are not the owner; we are only the stewards of the life entrusted to us. God is the real owner of our life. The life we live comes from God.” Do you believe that we are just living in a borrowed time? Life is so short, so every second of our lives must be meaningful. Fulfillment is what completes a human being. It is the very essence of our lives. Happiness is what made us complete. But let us always remember that , our lives must be God-centered.