Liberal Government

With the introduction of the modern information and technology, new industries are coming up and jobs are created as organizations transform their operations. The new system and global war for talent require workers to be productive, creative, and responsive and possibly adapt to the changes created in the environment. Due to the challenges brought in the business environment, educational institutions are reviewing their role leading to a number of reforms to better prepare their graduates for work.

If they do not do this, then they will be failing in producing competent graduates in the labour market. (Gadner, 1993, p9). The challenges brought by the new technology are what are faced in Australia. The country needs to work extra hard in order to retain and attract more researchers, scientists, innovators and risk takers who are responsible of generating good ideas to rise the economic level of Australia. The new labour force demands skilled workers just because of the forces of globalization, demographic change and new technology (Alysen etal, 2003, p13).

These are some of the challenges that should be met by the liberal government. Education that the country should provide actually should be focused in meeting these demands. The policy of investing 2. 1 billion by the liberal government into developing new trade schools is therefore highly recommended. These funds actually should not be invested into improving existing training providers and programs such as TAFE. Reasons Why the Liberal Government Should Invest in Developing New Trade Schools and Ignore TAFE

Basically from the introduction, there are a lot of challenges that have been brought simply because of the introduction of the new technology. The new work place requires institutions to produce graduates, who are innovative, good scientists and researchers capable of developing new products and new businesses in the global business environment (Rafferty, 1999, p9). The training programs such as TAFE have been inefficient in providing graduates with innovative skills.

There has been a big cry in the country about the declining number of scientists. The main reason why this is so, is because of the failure of the training programs and education curriculum planners to pass innovative and interpersonal skills to their graduates. What is required is a strong education and training system. By addressing this need there should be an overhaul in the training structures and methodologies to pass the right skills that the country and employees need.

I therefore appreciate what the liberal government has done by allocating such amount of money to develop new trade schools instead of upgrading the old ones, which have failed to pass the right skills. The country needs highly skilled employees capable of earning good wages. Once entrepreneurship skills are developed and promoted, the country will be in a position of producing highly valued goods making its economy to rise very fast ((Brannigan, 2002, p607). Looking at what happens to the Australian graduates in other states, the overall picture of Australian graduates and students is very bad.

Its students also receive less public support as compared to the support given to students in the United States. For instance, the Australian students almost receive $4,000 less public support than students in the United States (Kim, 2005, p1). Another reason why the liberal government should invest in developing new trade schools is to increase the provision of quality education. At TAFE administration is only concerned with enrolling large number of trainees without taking in to consideration the quality part of education to be passed.

Education in simple terms means passing of the right and relevant skills and knowledge to the students. One of the complaints that trainees in TAFE from Australia raise is lack of provision of formal training (Lyons, 2001, p26). This shortage is not only experience in TAFE but is also a common problem in other similar training institutions in the region. This is a serious problem that the liberal government can solve or address by only establishing and putting up new trade schools.