Liberal and Conservative Approaches

Liberal and Conservative Approaches to the US Foreign and Domestic Policy The approach used in developing domestic and foreign policy of a country plays an important role in identifying and understanding the decision-making process of the government when it comes to policy-making. This kind of adage could be exemplified by the United States of America wherein the different approaches that it has implemented have tremendously affected the foreign and domestic policy that this country has.

The conservative approach is one of the strategies that has been implemented by the United States in creating their domestic and foreign policy. The conservative approach is a political orientation that favors the preservation of the society by going against radical changes. Conservatism in the country has been regarded as a major political ideology in the United States that is related with the Republican Party. This approach strongly believes in the importance of God and the country, as well as supporting fiscal policy that is grounded in the concept of small government.

In terms of foreign policy, the conservative approach could be seen in terms of the country’s belief that the United States is distinct as compared to other nations. As such, its decisions and actions should guide the flow of events in the international community (Schneider 2-5). On the other hand, the liberal approach is a political ideology that advocates social progress by means of reform and changing the laws rather than achieving change through revolution.

This approach gives importance to individual liberty, which is why it is against the restriction of freedom whether in the forms of religion, government, or established class structure. In the domestic policy of the United States, the liberal approach in the Constitution emphasizes unalienable rights among people. In terms of foreign policy, the country also advocates greater relation and interaction with other countries which is observable in their trade and diplomatic relations.

In addition, they also support international efforts that carry the objective of enhancing human rights among the people. On the other hand, there are criticisms opposing the United States’ foreign policy that enforces unilateral actions against some countries in order to convert them to liberal democracy (Appleby 20-25).

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