Letter to Congressman with Regard to Gang Violence

The following letter is to express the grievances of the public with regard to the increasing cases of gang violence, and the inefficiency of the government to deal with this situation effectively. The purpose of this letter is to highlight the problem of gang violence, its origins and to urge the authorities to take necessary actions to prevent the situation from getting worse. Dear Sir/ Ma’am Subject: Governments inefficiency to handle the problem of gang violence efficiently The crisis caused due to gang violence is eating away into the vitals of our society like cancer.

The number of incidents involving gang violence is on the rise and it comes as a surprise that the authorities are not taking the necessary action. More often than not, the offender is not taken into custody and is allowed to walk our streets freely once again. Gang violence is no longer the personal reserve of inner cities. It has moved into bigger towns and is plaguing our society with grave social evils. The annual report to Congress: Creating a Safer America,” US Bureau of Justice Assistance, 2000

(Gang Reduction Strategy,” City of Los Angeles, 2007. ) states: In Los Angeles County, law enforcement officials are aware of more than 1300 street gangs with over 150,000 members. In the City of Los Angeles alone, there are over 400 separate gangs and an estimated 39,000 gang members. The very purpose of these gangs is to cause discord by involving in fights regarding turf, status, revenge and most of all drug distribution. What is most appalling is the involvement of a large number of youths in such gangs. Schools along with prisons and local neighborhoods have become the hot spots of gang recruitment.

As is known to every one the laws against juvenile crime are quite lax. The offenders are there fore no longer afraid of the justice system as the state mandated sentences are short. This becomes the very incentive behind the recruitment of juvenile members. It is now required of the authorities to uproot this evil from its very roots. The first step should be to spread awareness among the youth at schools and neighborhoods, to make them aware of the harm they will be causing themselves by being part of such gangs.

Moreover the laws against gang violence should be made strict irrespective of the age of the offender. I do hope that my grievances will not fall on deaf ears and that the necessary action will be taken. References 1. Sharp, Arthur G. “A Sad Fact of Life. ” Law and Order July 1996: 64-68. 2. Schmalleger, Frank. Criminology Today. New Jersey: Prentice Hall, 1996 3. Violence Prevention Coalition of Greater Los Angeles: A Project of Community Partners (Fact Sheet) 2007