Legalize Prostitution Analysis Paper Example

prostitute is a term available to us since “1520s, meaning ‘to offer to indiscriminate sexual intercourse (usually in exchange for money),'” or according to urbandictionary. com “prostitute: A women who sells her body to a variety of creeps, low-lifes and degenerates. The majority of her wages goes directly to her abusive scumbag pimp who takes pride in the fact that he arranges for her to be degraded at the expense of scum. ” But who, if anybody, is really qualified to label, describe, or limit a life style if not a the person themself.

By legalizing Prostitution we can closely regulate the sex work industry while enhancing their working conditions. An article in the US National Library of Medicine assures that there are “At least 25 types of sex work were identified” most of which the law is not trying to stop, they turn the other way and dont protect the forced sex workers. But even if they did, have you ever wondered what will happen to thoose who willingly sell their bodies to others? wont they just continue doing it, and who are we to stop them?

In order to prevent people from being forced into sex work we have to work alongside sex industries to help and regulate the unknown world of prostitution. according to CNN. com “experts estimate 1 million to 2 million prostitutes work in the United States” from which “FBI’s 2007 Uniform Crime Report lists (only) about 78,000 arrests for prostitution” if a world wide known goverment agencie design to investigate and stop the violations of federal laws has not made an impact in stoping sex work then why not find an alternative to simply get rid of the negative ‘side effects’ of sex work. 3 common side effects are.

-Crime/rape rates nation wide -dealing with “dirty money” b/c its illegal -violence and abuse against sex workers CRIME/RAPE for many years now, prostitution has been a state offence, but has it really made a change? instead “It drives it underground, putting the women at risk and giving customers an unfair advantage. ” as stated in the New York Times as published by the CIVITAS CRIME; when gathering information from the United Nations survey of crime, the US currently comes in as the.

-3rd highest “Police Recorded Cases per 100,000 population” -4th highest in “Police Recorded Rape Cases per 100,000 Population” on the other hand it is estimated by the independent institute that “if prostitution were legalized in the United States, the rape rate would decrease by roughly 25% for a decrease of approximately 25,000 rapes per year. ” DIRTY MONEY dirty money: goods or money obtained through criminal or illegal activity but the only reason prostitution is illegal is because our government still runs with prejudice in mind. A criminal activity involves a victim and an offender, which prostitution does not have, because if you ask me its just like any other buisness, where they both gain.

That sex worker gains money or goods, while the client gains pleasure. so if prostitution where to become legal the money wouldnt be ‘dirty money’, therefore it could help contribute into the economy. according to huffingtonpost. com, Dennis Hof the owner to one of the biggest brothels in nevada, himself said “I pay about $350,000 a year in taxes,” so imagine having a successfull brothel in every state that gave the same money to the country in taxes. were talking about 17. 5 million dollars anually, comming in. another good reason to legalize prostitution.

VIOLENCE AND ABUSE washingtonpost. com published an argument by Dr. Ditmore that read the following : “Currently, under New York Criminal Procedure Law, sex workers who have been victims of sex offenses, including assault and rape, face greater obstacles than other victims. Indeed, women describe being told, “What did you expect? ” by police officers who refused to investigate acts of violence perpetrated against women whom they knew engaged in prostitution” if the police wont protect these workers than who will.

It may seem like alot of people over exagerating but the longer we ignore this issue the more difficult it will get to be solve it. a perfect example of this the Green River Serial Killer, acording to HLN. com ” ‘I picked prostitutes because I thought I could kill as many of them as I wanted without getting caught,’ Ridgway said. ” the most shoking part of all is that he was right. Video: The Green River Killer ; Gary Ridgway (Documentary) begin at 12seconds untill 30 seconds seattletimes. com a few pin points on the case: -1982 killing begins -1998 killings end -killed for a total of 16 years.

-December 2001 charges pressed for 5 ladies -March 2003 more charges and agreements done -April 2003 pleaded guilty for 49 total victims in conclusion, legalizing prostitution will not completely solve any problem, but it will contribute by: -lowering crime rates -contributing millions of dollars to our economy yearly -providing better work conditions for the oldest profession known to man kind to close I would like to close by reminding everyone that “What two consenting adults do behind closed doors is (and should remain) their own business. ” as said in alternet. com.