Legalization of Gay Marriage

Giving gay couples the benefits of marriage cheapens and undermines marriage! This is exactly what the traditional say about legalization of gay marriage. But this is not exactly true because no one can prove that a civil union of same sex devalues the neighbor’s marriage. This thing is just a silly opinion for it disguises a rather faint view of marriages. Today, I will be talking about the legalization of gay marriage and I should like to point out that I am in favor of it! My sources for this presentation include a personal interview on one of the most conservative opposition to gay marriage as well one gay couple.

Also included in my sources is a magazine article on gay marriage, an internet article and one published source or book. The rights of everyone are not only respected by the law but are guaranteed and uphold by the constitution. The legalization of gay marriage is a legitimate right of those who belong to the third sex that is guaranteed and uphold by the constitution. Gay marriages do not affect heterosexual marriages nor will it pollute the traditional marriages unless these same sex couples are so immoral and evil. I. Marriage is a right of the individual including those who belonging to the third sex

Today, more and more states through out America are recognizing the constitutionality of same sex marriages. Some courts even granted the economic benefits being enjoyed by those who had traditional marriages to same sex couples who had been lawfully wedded as married couple. Indeed, same sex marriage is a growing trend in most states of America today as more and more states are beginning to recognize that sexual preference of the individual should not deprived them of their rights which are respected and guaranteed under the constitution, and that those who belong to the third sex have also this rights.

A. The constitutionality of gay marriage Recently, the Supreme Court of Hawaii denounced the ban on gay marriage calling it unconstitutional and an unlawful discrimination. The court rightly argued, “To marry someone of the same sex is just the same old things as to marry someone of the opposite sex save for the irrelevant, minor, and anyway illegal factor of the sex of the spouse to be” Allen & Regan, p. 262.

The court’s argument recognizes the right of the individual to choose for him or for herself the person the he or her like to spend life with. This is very important because it determines ones happiness and emotional fulfillment. B. Gay marriage is a right of the individual Indeed, the right of the individual to marry within his or her sex “is covered by the same right of privacy that protects the individual’s right to marry outside his race, to take birth control, or procure an abortion” (Allen & Regan p. 262).

Banning gay marriage therefore is tantamount to depriving those in the third sex of their own rights. Sexual preference should not be seen as detrimental to ones own sexual preferences and rights instead it should be viewed as an exercise of the essence of democracy and freedom. However, in the perspective of the religious community, same sex marriage is viewed as “unconventional life styles that are becoming widely accepted” (The Good news Magazine, 13).

The magazine viewed the state’s tolerance and adoption of same sex marriages as the collapsed of the moral fiver of the society along with abortion, and divorce (Good News, p. 3 col. 2). The church’s view however, can be expected as they are the vanguard of morality, and also, they are the ones that bitterly oppose the constitutionality of same-sex marriage. However, given that legal institution has been appointed by God too, the Court’s ruling therefore should also be held as allowed by God.