Legality or Illegality of Marijuana

Marijuana is also used in treatment of glaucoma which is a condition whereby the pressure within the eyeball increases and as result one’s sight begins to get lost although this is normally a gradual process. Marijuana is said to be able to effectively reduce this pressure and thus reducing the occurrence of this condition. However this has been an issue for at least the last 25 years with some researchers arguing that although the occurrence of glaucoma has been observed in patients who smoke marijuana this positive effect is short lived and may recur once a person ceases to use the drug.

It has been further agued that in order to keep the condition at bay one needs to maintain a required dosage of this drug and this on the other hand results to toxicity in the body system of a patient (John, K. 108-111). Some concerns have also been raised with physicians stating that the continued use of this drug leads to a significant decrease in the flow of blood to the nerves particularly the optic nerve.

Other ailments and disorders that marijuana has said to be effective on include compulsive disorder, analgesia which is severe pain and Tourette syndrome, disorders related to movement that is disorders that affect the muscles and the limbs according to a research by the institute in charge of medicine in the US (Cermark, T. 45-52). Various Types/Strains of Marijuana According to a research carried out recently there at least one hundreds types of marijuana. Although most of the origins of cannabis sativa are not known there are some whose origin is known.

Some of the different types of marijuana include Cinderella 99, Panama Red, Purple Haze, White Widow and Acapulco gold. As mentioned in the beginning the legality of cannabis sativa has been controversial for along time with many countries making it legal even to possess a gramme of marijuana. It is such a serious offence in such countries that whoever is found guilty could be sentenced for life or even death. However this is not the case in all countries and Jamaica in particular. In Kingston the capital city of Jamaica Marijuana is sold in the street just like an ordinary cigarette would.

It is also a large cash crop and one with high demand in the streets of the United States of America making its price to go as high as 14 $ a gram (Oursler, W. 56-61). The controversy on the legality of marijuana dates back to the 20th century where many countries both in the west and even African countries made laws which made possession in nay manner of cannabis sativa illegal. According to the laws that were enacted back then it was not only illegal to possess cannabis sativa but also to cultivate or to transfer marijuana for use as a recreational drug.

However laws of some countries put exceptions so that in special circumstances it was legal to handle marijuana. These special circumstances were majorly in cases of medicinal use. Initially the law was very harsh on anybody found or associated with the handling of marijuana. However with time the law has changed and it treats those in possession of small quantities of marijuana with less harsh punishment where the drug is confiscated and the handler is fined a certain amount instead of imprisonment. The law is after those who are involved in trafficking of the drug where such people are get severe punishments.

The legality of cannabis sativa differs from country to country so that in some countries Jamaica being a good example the government has allowed the opening of coffee shops from which people can smoke marijuana. However it is prohibited for anyone to smoke marijuana outside the coffee shop (Joseph, R. 102-110). In some countries however even a small possession of bhang as it is known in some other parts of the world would earn the possessor not less than 10 years jail imprisonment. In simpler terms there is no harmonized law as far the legality of marijuana is concerned and thus laws differ from one country to the other.