The Legality of Abortion as the Best Solution of Poverty

As a citizen of wider understanding in social issues and active participation in forming public opinion, there is a need to tackle issues that are vital to the economic and political development of the people. The most pressing problem that society ever experienced is poverty. This problem may be mild, serious and extreme to the extent that those who are affected can feel the pangs of hunger, desolation and helplessness. These feelings are true since in overcoming poverty, being homeless, hungry and ignorant may be the effects to the individual.

Due to extreme poverty, some people are living in the streets since they are homeless for so many days. Some families whose fathers become jobless find it hard to eat as much as three times a day. Most of the children are not attending school since there is no budget for educational purposes. As a result, juvenile delinquency is rampant in the society. Due to the high rate of cases in juvenile delinquency, crimes like murder, homicide, robbery and burglary plagued the society. In connection with that, the primary reason of poverty is overpopulation.

Since there are an increasing number of people that exist in this world, additional production of food and implementation of housing services is needed. However, the enjoyments of living provisions are only available to those who can afford the same. The welfare services policies of the government are very limited that not all people can receive help from it. Nowadays, the increasing rate of the people who are in the poverty rate is alarming such that there is a need to analyze and resolve the issue. There is also an obvious increase of crime rates in almost all places due to poverty.

Therefore, it is imperative that the government should find the best solution of the problem while it can still be prevented. As such, the best solution of the problem is abortion since overpopulation is the primary reason of poverty problems in the society. There are four reasons why abortion is the best solution for poverty. First, abortion is a practice that has been proven to be safe and practical through the years. Second, abortion can pave a way for termination of a life that is about to experience tremendous difficulties in the future.

Third, abortion is the best way to end problems in the society caused by poverty such as crimes, juvenile delinquency, unemployment and illiteracy. And last, abortion limits the number of children in the family leading to a comfortable and promising life in the future. The first argument is that abortion is a practice that as been proven safe and practical through the years. The health of the foetus and mother are considered as vital in the practice of abortion by some sceptics in the society. It has been a fear for many pregnant women that when they resort to abortion their health could be in danger.

But the advent of new technology proves this fear to be unfounded and baseless. The doctors who are practicing abortion in countries that considered it legal testified countless times that abortion is safe for the health of the pregnant woman. Moreover, it is also practical to resort to abortion, both involuntary and consented. There is no other way to end the life of a foetus but to conduct abortion. It is also absurd to limit the will of the people to procreate since it was natural for them to do so.

On the other hand, having a child as unwanted can be solved by means of terminating its life in the mother’s womb. Some countries are legalizing abortion for its leaders are aware that abortion is safe and practical. Besides, there is no sound mind who would allow a practice as questionable as abortion. Therefore, physicians who practice abortion are sure that it is the safest and the most practical way to limit the birth of children. The physicians are also the most all-knowing when it comes to medical matters related to abortion.

Their knowledge of the practice is reliable as they also save lives in hospitals. Abortion can pave a way for termination of a life that is about to experience tremendous difficulties in the future. The best way to end poverty and suffering in this world is abortion since it limits the number of people that should be taken cared of. Given the fact that our resources are limited such as money, shelter and services, it is not surprising that we wanted to limit the people who should use the said resources. The foetus can still be spared of the continuing poverty problems in the society by ending its life.

The innocent child must not experience all the horrible experiences of being poor. Hence, ending a foetus’ life through is justifiable. There may be other solutions to end poverty, yet abortion is proven to be the best. The lack of money and shelter can be prevented by means of limiting the number of people that will need the same. The government can only cater the needs of the people as much as proportionate to the budget of expenditures. If there will be more and more children to be born in the near future, our society cannot solve the problems of food shortage and housing problems.

While there is time and we can still decide for the future, we must act on the means to limit the consumption of goods and services so that those who are still living can be given what they really need. The unborn children inside the mother’s womb still do not know what is happening outside. They are unaware of the evils of poverty such as hunger, famine, homelessness and unemployment. If it happens that they will be born, what await these innocent children are tremendous difficulties of the time.

Hence, if we really care for them, we can choose to terminate their lives and let them be spared of the said horrible situations. It was the kindest way that we could do as much as we do it right. Therefore, the legality and legitimacy of abortion must be pushed through for purposes of concern for the innocent unborn child living in a woman’s womb. It is right to do so in all circumstances then. Abortion is the best way to end problems in the society caused by poverty such as crimes, juvenile delinquency, unemployment and illiteracy. The presence of unwanted children caused parents to be irresponsible.

This is a reality that that society failed to realize. So, what is the point of forcing parents to raise a child that they do not want in any way? As it is absurd to prevent them from having a child, it is also proper to let them choose if they would raise the unborn child or not. If parents will be forced to raise an unwanted child, then social problems like criminal actions, juvenile delinquency, unemployment and illiteracy would occur. Let us analyze the argument. If unwanted children will exist, a parent becomes irresponsible to them.

We are aware that it is the responsibility of parents to love and care for their children. It includes giving them proper education and nourishment. In the event parents fail to educate these children and send them to good schools, another problem will arise and that s illiteracy. Children who are poorly taught and uneducated will become problems in the society. Education is supposed to be the best way to prepare these young children to face the world. But because of poverty and added irresponsibility of parents, education could not be catered to the youth.

In addition, having unwanted children would result to illiteracy which limits the potential of young children to have a good background. If the background of a child in terms of education and family is not good, it will lessen his chances to have a job. As such, unemployment will arise and poverty will be back in the cycle affecting these children. A young person who does not a job and forced to provide and support for its own self will become criminals as a robber or thief. The crime of robbery and burglary involves the crimes of murder and homicide to some extent.

Hence, the simple problem of illiteracy will become worse as time goes by. The only solution to the problem is to end the life of a foetus of which the parents decided to do so. Finally, abortion limits the number of children in the family leading to a comfortable and promising life in the future. If the number of children in the family is limited, then parents will have the right and sufficient resources to take good care of the children. The income of the parents will be sufficient to cover the living allowances of their children such as food, shelter, education and many others.

As a result, the family will have a comfortable life as time goes on and on. In conclusion, it was agreed that poverty is the most pressing problem of all times. The primary cause of poverty is population increase due to the rising number of individuals that should be catered with the primary needs. Given the scarcity of resources that he people had, it is not proper to let the population increase. If poverty remains to be a problem, it will also cause other problems such as high crime rates, unemployment, illiteracy and juvenile delinquency.

Therefore, innocent foetus must be aborted in order to decrease the population. Finally, it is our responsibility to see to it that the society is in good condition. The ill effects of poverty must be eliminated in such a way that we could prevent its deliberating cause to the people. Abortion may be criticized by s many people, but what matters most is the welfare of the majority that existed in the society. Hence, legalizing abortion as the best solution of poverty must be supported by the government and the people.