Legalition Ofcanabis

Why it is that law enforcement agencies think that marijuana isn’t good for society? There is nothing wrong with marijuana because there are a lot of people that smoke marijuana and it doesn’t make them do anything dangerous to themselves or others. According to Pamela Abdy the producer of 2001 movie How High “states the reactions to someone that smokes marijuana is it make them silly, quiet, hungry, and even sleepy depending on the individual”. So what is really the problem with making marijuana legal?

People are still going to sell it to the people that smoke it without the law enforcement knowing. Marijuana should be legalized because there really is not a good reason why it is not legal or shouldn’t be. At the same time society has their own opinion about it, but people deserve the right to make their own decisions. Marijuana is not a harmful substance, so the effects of legalizing it would be minimal. We all know that marijuana is highly expensive. The United States is paying for the people who fight in the war to get drugs that makes prices high.

Also the process of presenting drug dealers so now they have to pay for food, housing, health care, attorney fees, and court costs just to have these people behind bars. Just think about how much money the government could save if marijuana was legal. We would have a lot more money to spend on important things such as lowering tax rates, gas prices, an a lot of these homes that’s becoming abandoned and fixing things such as pot holes, roads if it was legal. On the other hand people who think it should be legalized because it would lower the theft rate.

It also could be used to help cancer patients even reduce deaths, gangs, shooting, and a lot of violence on the street. Police officers, the courts would be available for more serious crimes such as murders, rapists. More jobs would be open because people wouldn’t have to take a drug test to work so it would be no point for a drug test. People going to jail for a drug bust tend to be lifelong criminals. What a lot of people fail to realize is that the marijuana plant is hemp not used for smoking but to create products such as paper, fabric, and plastic.

The seeds can be used for food and the oil in the seed has been used as a cheap source of fuel. According to the Marijuana Legalization Organization article” The flowers have been used for medical reasons for a very long time to help with chemo therapy and people diagnosed with AIDS” www. mjlegal. org Marijuana has not been contributed to a single death even though it has been used for so many years. It is not a drug that is harmful it does not kill brain cells like people always say and it is not physically addicting. It is a calming drug unlike the other hard drugs and those causes’ health issues.

Come to think about it marijuana is a plant so why is it being called a drug? Just because it can make a person high or anything else it does, does not make it a drug. Also cigarettes are legal but can kill you or even give a person lung cancer, even cause them to have a hole in their throat as seen in many commercials. Alcohol is also legal but makes people do crazy things “turn into a monster” and hurts the inside of their body like liver problems later on in the future or down the line. It should be legalized because it would be valuable agricultural crops for the United State.

They are using our tax money to arrest the drug dealers. So there is nothing wrong with making marijuana legal because people already smoke and sale it on are streets the worst thing that happens to them is that they go to jail for 24 or 48 hours and then they are right back out on are streets doing the same thing they were doing to get them there in the first place. We are not talking about making a hard drug substance legal like cocaine, heroin, meth, does are the drugs that really shouldn’t be on are street because people become addicted to them, also breaks up homes, even kill people, makes people go crazy.

These are things that marijuana does not do to the people that smoke it, it makes them very claim and put them in a very happy place or make them think that they are very hungry. A lot of individuals can be against marijuana becoming legal because it often leads people to harder drugs. Also it can be at a very high risk to fall into the hands of children. If a lot of people seen movies dealing with marijuana it is understandable why they might think it shouldn’t be legal because movies give off a bad image of marijuana.

The law enforcement jobs would be a lot easier if marijuana was legal because they would have a lot more time to deal with life threating situations. Making marijuana legal would really save the United Sates a lot of money as mention in the previous page about how we have to pay to arrest them we also have to pay for their car to be impounded if they was caught in a car with the marijuana on them plus getting it towed to the police station then we pay for them to get there things make if they stay in jail a good amount of time.

Let’s say that they did 3 years in jail for a marijuana charge and it was a big case so the person had a bond or stayed in jail till their trial ok so now the person family has the bond many and if that person beat the case then the police have to give that person back their money. Instead of making the jobs a little easier on them and making marijuana legal and save a lot more money so that we can deal with street problems, even schools.

Just take the time and sit back and pay attention to the problems around your community and the streets in your community. If the United States would make the marijuana legal we wouldn’t have all these problems. A lot of people might say that marijuana is the reason that the communities are so bad and they are part right marijuana but the truth is gangs and violence are the main problems not marijuana.

If marijuana was legal gangs wouldn’t have to fight or kill each other they wouldn’t even have to carry a gun or weapon because it wouldn’t a purpose to do so. Marijuana was not such a big deal the police and FBI would be able to focus on gun violence, gang violence, I even think that there would be a lot more time to focus on murder cases that have been unsolved for years because at some point in time those victims family need closure and justice so that they could move forward with their life without thinking is this the person who killed that person.

Marijuana being legal plays such a big part in the society today because a lot of people are becoming ill and some of them have a doctors order to smoke marijuana but are afraid to go out and buy it because they know if the police caught them with it on them they could be facing serious jail time depending on how much they have on them. Some people might say that it shouldn’t be legal because it can give the person smoking it can experience a faster heartbeat and pulse rate, bloodshot eyes and dry mouth and throat it is also said that this drug can effect and impair the smokers memory.

I don’t smoke but the people that I know that do smoke marijuana don’t have none of these problems with smoking they are the same person before they lite the marijuana. Most of the police officers and FBI agents smoke marijuana so some of them would not care if it was legal or illegal because they can get their hands on it because it is always their word over a citizens and no one’s going to tell on a police who supposed to keep them safe.

Some of them work with the person who is sealing the marijuana these are the ones that we call “dirty cops”. Finally, to come to a close that everything and everybody even the government would be in a better state of mind if marijuana was legal. The police and FBI would have time to put elsewhere besides driving around looking for people who look like they have, or sale marijuana.