Legal Requirements that An App Must Meet

Since there is no physical contact between the seller and the buyer, at the time of buying an app there are legal details that you must guarantee.

Failure to comply with these basic requirements can lead to problems with the administration, justice and users. Not to mention the delays in the launch, the updates or last minute modifications of the application that were not planned and that may involve an additional cost to the project .

Permits, license and conditions of use. ‘You have to be clear and explicit when requesting permissions to the user to access contacts on your device, make payments or transfer data. In addition, it is mandatory to develop licenses and conditions of use. In all cases it is not enough to inform the user but he has to accept, since in case of claim we will have a better defense, ‘they warn.

Own and third party rights. ‘It is mandatory to have licenses for the resources to be used. To do this, you have to read the conditions carefully as there are cases in which the resources exclude commercial use, not being able to run in applications. In addition, you should protect the content to avoid plagiarism and copies, ‘they say. Minors. ‘In the case of apps aimed at children under 14 years of age, the corresponding laws and the obligations imposed must be consulted as there is a special regulation regarding consumers and users, data protection, image rights, etc.’, they point out.

Lawful functionalities. ‘As in traditional marketing, what is illegal offline in the App is also like, for example, stimulating an unhealthy lifestyle, such as excessive consumption of alcohol or other substances,’ they recommend. Privacy and geolocation. ‘The collection of user information must be essential for the operation of the App and it must have the possibility to configure privacy. In addition, if our application has geolocation, you must have the user’s acceptance to access her, ‘they alert.

Information and cookies. ‘It is essential to inform the user of the aspects regulated in the law and show the data about the creators and who is behind the App. It is also necessary that the user accepts the cookies, by means of an informative notice with the basic and precise information about the same, and the aspects required by law ‘, they assure.

Markets ‘They have very strict conditions so that applications can be published so you always have to comply with what they ask for. In fact, even if you meet the conditions when you hang up the app, they can change and make the application unavailable to new users. An example that markets usually claim to reject an App is that its user interface is complex or less than ‘very good’, ‘they remember.