Legal Issues for Desktop Publishing

The community of Albany has once again aired their grievances on the increased rate of corruption in the mayor’s office. They have stormed the local government authority office in Albany threatening to forcefully evict the city mayor by burning down his office if action is not taken. The community is blaming the government for ignoring their plethora of previous complaints and re-electing the same mayor back to office. They say the mayor embezzles funds from the public coffers for his own interests and openly demands bribes to sort out issues affecting the Albany community.

Since Miguel Antonio Garcia, took office in 2007, little development has befallen the city of Albany pulling back its social and economic status that was ruling the other cities in Western Australia. The state of the infrastructure has nosedived leaving no appeal for tourists to visit the scenery the city provides, education has lost its value since there is no creation of job opportunities in the city due to lack of development. The community also has hard evidence against the mayor, they have video taped a few incidences that show the mayor receiving bribes.

Miguel Antonio Garcia was appointed as the mayor for Albany in 2007 from political influence as he is related to the former Mayor Pozo del Roc. The community relates his arrogance and selfishness to his young age; they say he wants to gain as much wealth as he can before he resigns from politics. Not only is Antonio corrupt but his morals are a distaste to many, as he encourages prostitution by use of money to lure young girls especially teenagers.

Parents are perplexed as they do not know how to control their girls who view this mishap as a golden opportunity of getting money that their parents cannot afford to give them. Drop outs from schools have also increased as many teenagers are faced with the predicament of teen pregnancies. The community is in a fit of anger as lack of education will increase the rate of unemployed youth resulting to an increase in crime, thus destroying the comfortable Albany haven.

As an Albany resident, I also have a duty to play in exposing the wrath caused by the mayor, by publishing it for the whole country to learn the suffering inflicted to Albany due to lack of democracy. Being among the victims who experienced employment layoffs as the organizations in Albany were downsizing their expenses, my passion for writing drove me to the desktop publishing career, where I engage in freelance activities, producing flyers and catalogs among others. My business is a small studio located in my house where I am the sole proprietor but aim to expand it in the future.

Due to the economic status of Albany city capital provisions are very low and at times I use my own pocket money to fund my business. Therefore I cannot risk going against the hands of the law, this calls for my total dedication in following all the legal procedures pertaining to publishing (Garfield, Hampton &Stark, para. 13). The effort of a publisher is highly protected by government policies to acknowledge the owner of the published work, prevent exploitation of the publisher and misuse of information in the published work.

It is important for writers to acquire copyright licenses as copyright protection is implemented to prevent the violation of their rights that may result when the public engages in activities of copying their works without authorization. This promotes the growth of the writers and encourages talent to be developed in prospective writers (ACCC, para. 4). The writer also benefits from this act as he wins cases of infringement which helps him to earn extra money as the offender pays him for engagement in the illegal act.

Potential infringer’s get an option of tracking down the writer of articles that are of their interest, to acquire authorization of using their work to prevent the hassles that results from litigation. Copyrighting also encourages development of new information that will aid in research and as reference to conflicting issues. The Copyright Act of Australia was formulated in 1969 by a committee set up by the government, with consult to the Commonwealth statute and jurisdiction decisions to cater for the grievances of writers (ACIP, para.

3). It has been continuously amended to incorporate more regulations that will protect the writers efficiently. In Australia copyright act applies automatically to all published work and recorded information for example music or films. To effectively implement copyright protection the Australian government provided a provision of gaining the access to the protection without registering to get copyright license or paying the government agencies.

International treaties have been formed with other countries to automatically protect any Australian work for example the Berne Convention, where the Copyright Act stipulates guidelines that will help solve an infringement case outside the boundaries of Australia; section 126A and 126B are mostly referred to when declaring a verdict. Therefore when citing or using other publisher’s words or photos I should be careful not to go against their rights and break the copyright protect law. If need be I should seek their permission to use their published works to add weight to the article am writing (OLDP, No. 139).